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Gumwon Mountain Natural Rest Forest
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 Gumwon Mountain Natural Rest Forest
Gumwon Mountain is a branch of Deokyu Mountain located in Sangcheon-Ri, Uicheon-Myeon.
It was main mountain of Kamum and Gohyeon, old cities. There is Gumwonam in the center of mountain.
According to legend, in old times, one Buddhist priest confined gold monkey to rock because it was too rude. The rock became form of monkey face gradually so it has been called as Natbaui (face rock) but its sound was changed so it has been called as Napbaui. Origin name of Gumwon Mountain is 「Geomeun Mountain (Black Mountain)」.
It was called as it because it was seemed as black color while being located in the west of old Gohyeon. Ilam, Ilbong, Ilgok have legend as well as Gumwon.
Jiuam known that it can predict rain, Kumdalam having legend of Dalam, Won-Dal Lee and his wife, Mrs. Kim, Maseulam having legend that Ban Jeon, dutiful son, rode on the knee while bleeding with his father on his back to escape from Japanese invader, Seomunga Rock having legend of Mr. Seomun who entered into this village while receiving Gamum Hyeon as Sikeup of Chinese 5 Bok Seongs and Seonnyeodam having legend that three fairies came down and enjoyed bath. There are two famous streams in Gumwon Mountain. Yuancheong Stream of Seongingl and Jijeamigol mispresented from Jijangam.
Yuancheong Stream is the place that Yuancheong that was used for scholar's study in the middle of Lee Dynasty.
This stream is harmonized with Yuancheong Cascade, Jaun Cascade, Sodam and near forest so its scene is really beautifulJijeamigol is famous for Seomunga Rock and It was said that this place is approval land of Leejeonggong, Mun-Gi Seo who received Gamum Hyeon as Sikeup following wife of King. Gongmin, Princess. No Guk Dea Jang and used for his offspring to study.
There are tomb and tombstone of Lee Jeong An Um Gun, Seo Mun Gong, Hui Gi Bea Jeong Gyeong Bu In, Mrs. Sandong Hwang.
n the entrance of Jijeamigol, there are Munbaui and Maeasamjonbul of Gaseobsa that opened tea culture.
In the east of Gumwon Mountain, there is Oangbigol having a legend that Queen of Koryo, Ma Hang, was originated. Morijea of Mori Mountain was the place that Dong-Gye spent his last days after coming back from Namhan Mountain fortress wall.
There is house of Dong-Gye under Pilbong. There is loyal sprit of Dong-Gye, On Jeong who suicided because Namhan Mountain fortress wall was collapsed and King bent his knees to King. Teajong of Cheong in Si Il Ya Bang Seong Dea Gok that Ji-Yeon Jang wrote while displaying grief and anger about lost country

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Gumwon Mountain Natural Rest Forest
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