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Jangseung park in Dong-gu
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 Jangseung park in Dong-gu

The concept of Jangseung
It is the inveterate folk religious object of Koreans which has been transmitted for 2000years and it has a savage looking and ridiculous face while played a role of driving away the minor demons and hapless fate while standing in front of the temple and the entrance of villages and listening to the hopes of village people. It is mainly made of stone or wood and it has a slightly different appearance in different areas. It was to be seen all across the nation in the early 1900s but it has faded away a lot now, although it is one of the most distinctively Korean institutions and customs.

The background of the production of jangseung.
In Dong-gu we have a mountain named Mt. Bong-dae which has a good scenary but a forest fire of which the reason is not known broke out and hundreds of pine trees burned out and they became useless.
As for this Dong-gu office took notice that the burned trees or trees which have been hit by a stroke of lightning are the lucky trees which takes hapless fate away and gives us luck, to use the burned up tree, and to create a park where the fire broke out, and to plant a new tree while killing three birds with one stone, they produced 8-Do jangseung and on last 10th of July at the in-office Il-San swimming beach where the first sun rises up in the new millennium in Korea, they opened jangseung festival with experiences of traditional culture and the a celebration of the unity of residents while wishing for the development and prosperity of the great 2000, and they made little jangseungs and gave them to the donor of the fund as a commemoration so they secured the planting fund of saplings and they contributed to inspiring the love of their province.

The research of jangseung
-The culture of jangseung
Jangseung is the inveterate folk religious object of our nation and it is the symbol of the cooperative religious body which wishes for peace and order and driving out the misfortune of the village. So they wish the good harvest, good fishing, the prevention of sea accidents, health and the achievement of desire and protect the village, providing the secret protection of the mountain and river, protection against unlawfulness, and filling the role of milestone, Ki-ja. The jangseung is the concentration object of our people's breathing and will and it is evaluated as the precious cultural inheritance which has been placed in a beautiful place.

-The origin of jangseung
As we see it as a aboriginal religion as the Sot-dae, menhir, the altar for a tutelary deity it is regarded as originated about 2000 years before and the existing jangseung is the output of the late Choseon.

-The face of jangseung
As we see the appearance of its face it is said to be the most Korean-like institutions and customs and the multifarious setup is the face of our populace(tough face, ridiculous face, eyes like saucers, etc) The facial expressions are smiling but dignifying and serious, be in anger but hiding the wrath and sometimes enduring cheek-bursting laughs and thus have a humorous appearance. 

- The variety of jangseung
There is the temple jangseung, which is the guardian deity of the Buddhist temple, the public jangseung which is castle gate, barracks, kwan-ro, geomancer, hae-chang, and protecting jangseung and the guardian deity of the country society and the village jangseung which seeks the rich production and prevents the disease.

-The preserved state of Jangseungs
Many jangseungs have been destroyed by fire by the Japanese invasion and industrialization, and by the research of 1982, the number of jangseungs are estimated as 200, and by the research of 1988, the number of the stone jangseungs were 79, and wooden jangseungs 90. (It is not the correct number). As for areas, it was shown that chonnam has 54 jangseungs (wooden jangseungs 17),and chonbuk has 19 jangseungs( wooden jangseungs 4).

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