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Usan Jirungi village_Woodland
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In Woodland of Ukbulsan Pyunbaek forest, which is located in the Chamaecyparis obtusa(pyunbaek) forest of Ukbulsan, there are wood culture exhibition, woodwork and ecology construction experiencing place, the area of forest healing and mountain grass complex.

Also, as the rest area, Woodland is prepared with lumber houses, ocher houses, Korean-style houses, Pyunbaek spa, Pyunbaek sawdust jjimjilbang(sauna) and Pyunbaek sawdust walking routes.

Because Woodland is located in the forest of Pyunbaek trees which excrete high amount of phytoncide, various environmental diseas can be healed through experiencing various pension-type experiencing spots such as the ocher house, Korean-style hous and wooden house. Woodland is also prepared with the environments that are most suitable for a resting place.


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