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Deoksil_Eco-friendly Golf Course/ Jungamru/Iljun Buchae Museum
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Eco-friendly Golf Course

As 'Uiryung Eco-Friendly Leports Park Area', Uiryung-gun has established a public golf course called 'Uiryung Eco-Friendly Golf Course', which is operated as a local direct management corporate, based on the Uiryung-gun's special policy of regarding the nature as important and nature preservation. The golf is situated at the shore of Namgang of the western Gyeongnam and has 9 holes with total 2.9km in length. The course provides golfers with comfortable rounding with the beauty of nature and relieves their weariness caused by their city life.





Running for about 10 minutes after getting off at Gunbuk IC of Namhae highway will get you to the gate of Uiryung, the village of loyalty and under the bridge of Namgang lies a rock in the shape of a caldronon called 'Sotbawi'.

This is the place where the predecessors traveled with ferryboats. This place is also famous as a historical place where General Kwak Jae-Woo defeated Japanese invaders led by Japanese General Haekyung during the Japanese invasion in 1592.




Iljun Buchae(fan) Museum

The museum is situated in Gwejin-ri Garae-myun Uiryung-gun and the name Iljun is the pen name of the founder of the museum, Lee Il-Won. Lee Il-Won has founded this museum to exhibit the fans he has collected and possessed for the last decade. The first floor exhibits the fans with pictures and the relics of the Josun dynasty and the second floor exhibits the modern and contemporary relics and the pieces from Japan and China.

Also, 'Mokdo Arboretum', which has 1200 types of southern and northern plants, is established for study and those which produce many phytoncide, are planted on both sides with 150m gap in length to feel them and to acquire spiritual calmness


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