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In year 1211(Heejong 7), General Jochun worked as Dongjigonggu and also DaesasungHanrimhaksa. After working as Dongbukmyunbyungmasa and Yaebusangseo, he became the sangjanggun as Chumilbusa·Hanrimhaksaseungji in 1216(Gojong 3). Ever since Moon Geukgyum, he was the first Mungwan to work as a sangjanggun. In that year, when Khitans invaded, he was sent to Haengyoungjunggunbuwonsu by Jungsookchum and repulsed the Khitans in Yumju(Pohang) in the following year. However, he lost to Taejotan and was temporarily discharged. As Seobukmyunbyungmasa, he continuously defeated the invading Yeojin tribes in Inju. In 1220, he became the Susagong·Sangseojwabokya and soon became Seobukmyunwonsu and refeated Khitans. In he following year, with the alliance with Mongolians, he attacked Kangdongsung, where Khitans resided, and made them to surrender.

Afterwards, he worked as Jungdangmunhak, Yebupansa, Sutaewi and Dongjungseomunhasirangpyunghangsa. Honors were confered posthumously at Gaeboouidongsamsa moonhashijung and was enshrine a Gojong's shrine.


Leports park

3The area of this park is 32,950 and has various facilities such as Saeduksa, grass plaza, multi-use ground, children's playground and gymnasium which enables families and coworkers to visit and enjoy recreation or camping.




Also, there is Munjunggong graveyard at the far left of the park and, there, 3km walking route is built for people to relax and feel the freedom of nature. It provides people with the place for them to breathe the nature and enhance their quality of life through sports, hobbies and health enhancement.



It is a shrine, which is located at Jungam-ri Hoengseong-eup, with the portrait of Jo Young-In, Jo-Chung and Jo Kye-Soon. There is a main building with an outhouse and Jaehyang is performed every spring(lunar 3rd March) and fall(luner 3rd September).

Jo Young-In, his son, Jo-Chung, and his grandson, Jo Hye-Soon, were a family of three generations to be Munhashijung - the highest official in Goryyu dynasty - and their descendents built Saeduksa to the illustrious memory of their work.

Jo Young-In was a diplomat who served from Goryu Injong to Shinjing and went to Keumnara as as an ambassador. In the fourth year of Shinjong, he became the Munhashijung and was enshrined in the shrine of Shinjong. Jo-Chung was a civil officer who became Munhashijung after working as a Sangjanggun. He was one of only few people who worked for both civil and military affair and he was enshrined in the shrine of Gojong.

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