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Communists’ Headquarters
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 There is a shabby skeleton of a building in Gwanjeon-ri of Cheolwon.  It is Communists' Headquarters where the communists oppressed the anti-communists since Korean Independence to Korean War.  It is a 3-story building that was built in 1946 by the exploited donation and labor of local citizens and is a non-reinforced concrete building that is now located outside the DMZ.   

It is probably the best representation of the distress of the warfare among the remains of Cheolwon.  Looking at its sooty walls with clearly visible scars of bombs and gun shots, it feels as if you could hear the gun shots from somewhere.  The stairs by the entrance are depressed by a heavy tank and the back of the building literally has a huge hole.  

Many people who opposed the communists were captured in here, tortured cruelly and killed mercilessly.  Many human skeletons and bullets are still found in the bombproof shelter behind the Communists’ Headquarters building.  

It was the background of the music video of <Dreaming for Balhae>, the title of Seotaeji and Friends’ third album.  We wish to see the unification of Koreas as this song aims to imply.


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Communists’ Headquarters
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