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Miniature theme park
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Miniature theme park

 In Jeju, the typical sightseeing resort in Korea, the largest miniature theme park nationwide was established on the site of 20,000 pyeong. It is located in the gifted place  harmonized with natures and available to look at Hanla mountain at hand that embraces warmly Jeju like mother and is surrounded by Oreums from all directions

As there are 100 miniatures representing for 30 countries, the most famous buildings selected based on strict criteria, including Jeju international airport, Bulguk temple, Forbidden City, Sacre-Coeur, Tower bridge, Tower of Pisa, and rocks found in Jeju, ethnic belief, outdoor stage, the egg of dinosaur. it is qualified enough to be a generalized sightseeing resort with the multiple cultural characters

 Other installations

Korean restaurant. Foreign restaurant, Souvenir shop, Herb shop. Photo shop, Shop for Ceramic ware and folk craft articles, Snack corner. Mask shop. Indoor and outdoor stages.    


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