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Yangwon-li Jiseok Tomb
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Jiseok Tomb (dolmen) is one of the representative tomb styles of the Bronze Age. As an important source for clarifying the culture and social conditions of the time, in general, they are technically categorized into table type (northern style), chess-board type (southern type, bedrock type), and stone lid type.

Yeoncheon Yangwon-Ri Jiseok Tomb is a table type, where a tomb chamber has been made aboveground with four support stones and put on top of which is a large cover stone (lid stone) to make a table shape. Currently, the blocking stones that used to block both sides have disappeared, and only the two support stones remain.

Presently, the lid stone (Size 4.5m×3.5m, side 3.75×3.20) is heavily tiled due to a sever imbalance of the right support stone, and the burial accessories seem to have been robbed. The left support stone is 2.70m×5.5cm, and the right stone is the size of about 2.65m×42cm.


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