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Baeksu coastal road
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- Younggwang Baeksu coastal road, located on provincial highway no.14 that connects the National highway no.77, has been selected as the 9th most beautiful road among the 100 beautiful roads of Korea.

In 1005 October, the Ministry of Construction and Transportation advertized for “100 beautiful roads of Korea” targeting all roads around the country. Baeksu coastal road, which can be said as the representative tour spot of Younggwang, was sent and received the honor being selected as excellent on June 15th 2006.

Younggwang Baeksu coastal road is one of the famous drive courses in Jeonnam. It was paved on a steep hill in time with the opening of the West Coast Highway, and the Gat peak stretches wide south and north towards the West Sea, and thus sceneries as great as those of the East Coast present before your eyes.

It is a beautiful curvy road constructed so near the coast that the water may seem to flow on to the road any minute, and sometimes you can see the vast mud bank revealed after the ebb tide, and sometimes you can see clear blue water rippling.

The coastal road from Younggwang Baeksu-Eup Baekam-Ri Seokgumi Village to Gilyoung-Ri, where the sacred place of Won Buddhism is located, via Daesin-Ri, is almost 16.5km in total. On the coast adjacent to coastal cliffs, there are splendid rocks such as turtle rock, hat rock, etc. There are reefs including the Godu islet located here and there, adding variations to the scenery, you can enjoy a drive as you watch various islands such as far-off Chilsan island, Anma island, Songi island, etc. As a best place to observe the sunset at West Sea, sweetbrier flowers bloom along the coastal road in May~June, stimulating poetic sentiment.

National highway no.77 is a southwestern coastal road where mystical cultural exploration and marvelous travel into the nature of Namdo begin. It plays its role as the representative our spot of Younggwang, as the provincial road no.14 connects it.

To make Baeksu coastal road into a representative tour spot in Korea, Youngwang-Gun is currently developing a sea water spa, a farmfishery tour resort complex, and a sunset museum to be opened in 2008. Since 2007, a fishery multipurpose living complex has been newly developed, and a tour belt of religious theme, linking the first arrival place of Baekje Buddhism, Bulgab Temple grounds tour spot, sacred grounds of Won Buddhism, etc, has been introduced as a tour package.

Younggwang is in the hope of being reborn into the best tour hub in the country, once the 4-lanes National highway from Gwangju to Younggwang fully opens at the end of this year, and Chilsan grand bridge connecting Hongnong and Baeksu and Younggwang grand bridge connecting Younggwang Yeomsan and Muan Haeje are completed in 1012.


On the other hand, Baeksu coastal road has been selected in 2002 by Jeonranamdo as a “scenic road” and a “place of fine view,” and it was recommended by the Korea Tourism Organization in May 2005 as “the worth-going place of this month,” and thus it is a scenic spot visited by numerous tourists.


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