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Romantic and illusionary camping ground with luxuriant pine forest and the wave of jade

color!  It is a national sightseeing resort opened for whole year and an environment friendly

 leisure space appropriate for family unit using car.

Location : 393-39, Mangsang Dong

Contact address : Club house ( 033-534-3110)


□  Cabin A  type (9 Buildings)       

15 pyung, Appropriate for 4-7 persons, An attic, Shower, Toilet, Cooking utensil, Bed clothes, Heating(Ondol), Bed( Double 1, Single 2), Table, TV, Refrigerator.

□ Cabin B type (11 Buildings)  

11 pyung, Appropriate for 2-4 persons, Shower, Toilet, Cooking utensil, Bed clothes, Heating(Ondol), Bed (Single 2), Table, TV, Refrigerator.  

□ Cottage A type(12 Buildings)

17 pyung, Appropriate for 4-8 persons, Shower, Toilet, Cooking utensil, Bed clothes, Heating (Ondol), Bed (Queen single 2, Single 2), Table, TV, Refrigerator.

□ Cottage B type (3 Buildings)

35 pyung, Appropriate for 10-15 persons, Shower, Toilet, Cooking utensil, Bed clothes, Heating (Ondol), Bed (Queen single 2, Single 8), Table, TV, Refrigerator

□ Cabin B type (11 Buildings)  Caravan (10 cars)

Appropriate for 2-4 persons, Washroom,  Cooking utensil, Bed clothes, Air conditioning , Bed (single 2, Table 1), Electronics, Table TV, Refrigerator

□ Auto camping ground

Electric (220V), Water supply, Communal kitchen, Communal toilet, Shower. It is available to set up tent after parking caravan (Camping car) or leisure car. (The first specialized auto camping ground nationwide)

▶ Mangsang Convention center

o Location : 393-11, Mangsang Dong, Donghae Si

o Size : Over ground 2F, Gross area : 1 ,712㎡ (About 520 pyung)

o Main installations : Conference room, Parking lot, Rest room, Other accessory facilities, etc

o Main equipment : Installation for stage and lighting, Beam projector. Roll scan

o Usage: Convention, Workshop, Congress Seminar, Lecture, Training and studying for a company, Symposium. etc,  

This Auto camping ground was established based on international standard neighboring to Myungsasip Ri, best scenery in the coastline of Donghae and Mansang swimming beach that is famous for it’s pine forest, and become a national sightseeing resort as a environment friendly leisure space for family unit using car after 64th World Camping Caravan Donghae Competition was held in 2004   

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