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Cheongpodae beach
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It is a beach located south of Monsangpo beach. As the name Cheongpodae implies, the dense pine forest nearby, sand bank, and the vast white sand beach connecting to Mongsanpo make the visitors who come here first feel that the surrounding is very comfortable.
The vast white beach is used as the site of various events or as a car racing track, and every weekend it is used as the drive course of lovers and the practicing site of student drivers. The slope of the coast is shallow and the water temperature is high, so it is suitable to enjoy swimming with children, and pine forests here and there are perfect as camping sites. On the south of the beach there is Mageompo port at which you can instantly buy fresh raw fish, and islands such as Geoado, Ulmido, Samdo, and Jachido form beautiful scenery before the eyes. When you visit this place, it is good to prepare a tent to camp, and you can also lodge in the nearby Taean-yb or Nam-myon.

The fresh pine forest that has been created for several thousands of years is a big natural resource of Byuljubu Village. You can see the wild ecology and observe diverse kinds of rare plants. Enjoy the phytoncide therapeutic walk in the forest, the gift of nature.

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