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Taean Coast National Park
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With Chungcheongnamdo Taean-gun Taean peninsula in the center, Taean Coast National Park reaches Garorim Bay in the north and Anmyeondo in the south. Land area is 36.274, and coastal area is 290.30. It was selected as Seosan Coast National Park in October 1978 and the name was changed to Taean Coast National Park in March 1990. It is in a complex ria structure, and the beaches along the coast such as Cheonlipo, Manlipo, Yeonpo, Mongsanpo, etc, form a magnificent landscape in harmony with fantastically-shaped rocks. Every year over 7 million tourists come here. It was a place often invaded by foreign forces, and thus there are many fortresses such as Anheung fortress, Baekhwa mountain fortress, Sogeunjin fortress, etc, and battlefields. There are: historical sites such as Mangsudae, Neungheodae; sea cliffs such as Hakdo, Gauido; and noted places such as Crane Rock, Ddeok Rock, Siblings Rock, Turtle Rock. 150 small islands, the coastal precipices and pine forest draw the eyes. Because the sand bank is spread out vast and in a thin layer deep in the sea, it is suitable to swim in during dummer. As the western sunset and sea scenery are beautiful, it is always visited by many people regardless of seasons.
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