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Source of Byuljubujeon Fable
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There is the 『Myo-saem』 which is a stream in the green mountains where the rabbit left his liver he had taken out and washed before he went into the sea palace carried by the turtle, in order to escape from a critical situation. 『No-ru-mi-jae』 where the rabbit, who returned to land in a narrow escape from death, disappeared after making fun of the turtle, saying that there is no such animal that roams about without his liver. 『Turtle Rock (Deok Rock)』 which is what the dead turtle turned into, 『Gung-ap』 located in front of the sea palace, 『An-gung』, etc prove the fact that it is “Byuljubujeon Village.” Yong-sae-gol – it is known as the first place on land the turtle arrived, in order to obtain the raw liver of a rabbit on the order of the Dragon King. There is also a myth that the Dragon King climbed up and down the place following the clear water of green hills and forests.

 Norumijae – It is named so because it is similar to the tail of a noru (roe deer). The rabbit lured by the turtle’s words goes to the sea palace (水宮) by riding on the back of a turtle, but escapes back to land in a narrow escape by lying to the Dragon King. Norumijae is where the rabbit disappeared after making fun of the turtle, saying "What kind of an animal would roam without his liver?"

Jara Rock – The rabbit who went into the sea palace due to the sugared words of the jara (byuljubu) lied and escaped to land in a narrow escape. The rabbit makes fun of the turtle saying "What kind of an animal would roam without his liver," and runs off to Norumijae forest. So the jara laments that he was deceived by the rabbit because he lacked loyalty to his king, and dies facing towards the Dragon King. This rock is what turned of the dead jara, and thus this rock is called Jara Rock or Deok Rock.

Myosaem-After the rabbit was lured by the jara (byuljubu) into the sea palace riding on the back of the jara, the Dragon King tied up the rabbit and ordered him to take out his liver. The rabbit lied that he "took out the liver, washed it in clear stream water of green hills and forests, and hid it.” The stream is this "Myosaem."

Also, the location of this Myosaem has been slightly altered to the current location due to a large scale arable land readjustment project.


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Source of Byuljubujeon Fable
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