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Yeonji Park
Principal Place/Park>>

Location : Nambu-myeon

According to ‘Gimhae Geography Note’ and ‘Geographical Designation History’ of Gimhae, the new cultural space of citizens of Yeonju Park is called Sinmot. Long time ago, it was reached by seawater and had a marsh at the rear. But it was expanded to be a reservoir during the Japanese Colonization (1930). As stories tell it had many lotuses, (park.jpg) it was named “Yeonji”.

Address 106-1 Nae-dong Gimhae

Contact Department of Cultural Assets, Cultural Assets Facilities Division 055)330-3931

Get off at Donggimhae IC and make a left turn at the first traffic light to meet National Highway #14 and to enter the downtown. Proceed to Gimhae City Hall and pass old suburban bus terminal, Gyeongnam Band and Gimhae Gas Station (S-oil). At Haebancheon 5-way junction, make a right turn toward Nae-dong to see Samsung Home Plaza at the left. Across the plaza is Yeonji Park.

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