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Filming Location of "Seopyeonje"
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Our village is the filming location of "Seopyeonje." The film "Seopyeonje" depicts the sad history of a singing family and their concentration to achieving the ultimate stage of singing on the backgrounds of the beautiful four seasons of Namdo. The major locations were the open sets of Daedun Mountains, Korean-style houses and the reclamation land of Gocheonam . As one of major locations of Seopyeonje, there is an open set at the void space about 500 m-high mid-slopes of Duryun Mountains. It is where the scenes at a tavern were taken. At the front year of the tavern, there were hens and roosters pecking the grains in the henhouse made out of bush clovers and the smokes flew into the sunset out of the kitchen window bars. The corns and Indian millet for the next plantation were hung under the eaves and fully-dried cut radishes were contained in a basket on the open floor. The roof were degraded and mended with straws to reveal miserably poverty. The autumn leaves with passing clouds and the valleys of Daedun Temple were taken by the camera and the scenes of Yubong singing a piece from Story of Chunhyang at a Loyal Family Party by the valleys, of Yubong getting ready to performing in an inn and of drunk Yubong describing how to play drums are living in the images. At the Korean-style House, another major location, the scene of Yubong singing a piece from Story of Chunhyang. The acts of the 'surrounding people' who had to dance along the singing were important. The excitement and crowdedness of a party house was the point of this scene. Slightly drunk villager of Haenam participated for the scene to display life-like atmosphere, so the producers invited Haenam villagers to the film later on. Also, there is a mixed-breed Jindo Dog called Norang that guides the mountain hiker. This dog picks a person, sleeps by his/her boots, follows his/her hiking course early in the morning to guide him/her and returns home after seeing him/her off. The splendidly spreading weed field of the reclamation land of Gocheonam was the background of the three characters' (Myeong-Gon Kim, Jeong-Hae Oh and Gyu-Cheol Kim) walking through the windy weed field along the coastline. When the film was introduced in Japan, Japanese greatly praised the ecstatic weed field of Haenam. This particular scene was arrayed. The fourth course is through all eight summits of Duryun Mountains except for Hyangro Summit connecting Jangchun-ri ~ Odochi ~ Hyeolmang Summit ~ Yeonhwa Summit ~ Duryun Summit ~ Garyeon Summit ~ Noseung Summit ~ Gogye Summit ~ Jangchun-ri. This 12km-long course takes a day to accomplish, because there are many luxuriant forests that are difficult even for the wild animals to pass along the way.


■ Transportation
- Bus: At Gwangju, take the bus toward Haenam that departs every 10~20minutes (96Km, takes 2 hours). From Haenam Bus Terminal, the local transit toward Daedun Temple departs every 30 minutes from 06:30 to 20:00 (12Km, takes 15 minutes).
- When driving…: Follow National Highway #13 from Haenam toward Wando. Leave downtown Haenam to take Provincial Way #806 toward Daedun Temple on the left. Follow #806 to arrive at a two-way junction at Singi-ri. Proceed to #806 to the right to arrive at Daedun Temple Total Facility Complex and a parking lot. It is about 2km from the parking lot to the temple and the temple transits operate for your convenience.


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