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Nature’s Theme Botanical Garden
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Nature’s Theme Botanical Garden made of a 880㎡-wide small glass greenhouse is a good attraction and resting place where you can meet various flowers and plants all seasons.

It has 5,157 plants of 161 kinds classified for different themes. In Naturally-growing Plants Section, there are 53 kinds of naturally-growing plants including woody plants such as hydrangea, camellia and oak and flowering plants such as tiger lily, rhododendron and Farfugium japonica; 4 kinds of pteridophyta such as Cyathea fauriei Copel, Osmunda japonica, Nomura fernbrake and fernbrake; and 5 kinds of herbal plants such as Husson lavender and mint. In Tropical Section, there are 55 kinds of subtropical plants such as hemp palm, coconut palm and banana tree; and 44 kinds of cactus-type succulent plants such as Ferocactus horridus Br. & R., Echinocactus grusonii Hildm, and Strelitzia reginae B.

In particular, they have many rare plants that are not found in Korea; decorations such as a pond, small waterfall, stone lighting, stone water container and jars’ porch; rare rocks such as screen rock, legendary rock of a faithful wife, seal-shape stones, toad-shape stones, candleholder rock and cobra rock; and home horticulture tools such as cloth-pounding stone and millstone. It is an on-site learning site for your children to learn the importance of life industry. As a total touring facility, it is composed of glass and vinyl greenhouses; exhibition areas for naturally-grown flower pots and field-grown plants samples; pear orchard; and agricultural machines repair and education center.
Establishment: Dec 29. 2001

Location: In Pyeongtaek Agricultural Technology Center/96 Sukseong-ri, Oseong-myeon, Pyeongtaek

Scale: 880㎡-wide glass greenhouse

Plants: 5,200 plants of 161 kinds

Open: throughout the year (Summer 09:00~18:00, winter 09:00~17:00)

Admission fee: free

Contact: 031-659-4811 (Pyeongtaek Agricultural Technology Center, Department of Technology Planning, Instruction and Planning Team)
※ Open throughout the year; detailed guide available for groups when RSVP
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