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Theme Sightseeing [ Principal Place/Park ]
[Uninhabited Island]
Uninhabited Island
[Poet, Sangbyeong Cheons Old House]
Poet, Sangbyeong Cheons Old House
[Observation Platform]
Observation Platform
[Mungyeong Saejae (Pass), a Provincial Park]
Mungyeong Saejae (Pass), a Provincial Park
[Attractions of Village]
Recently three tile-roofed houses were built in a place that was called as 'Salpojaengyi' before. It is a green farming experience village in a natural landscaping that has accommodations for visitors...
[Introduction of Village Information Center]
Our Hanwooltari village information center is the key facility of the public sector of the village of information and is operated openly and lets outside tourists including the residents of the villag...
[Daegwanryeong a flock of sheep ranch]
You can see in the paradise on the grassland over the hilly areas of the altitude of 1,000m where a flock of 200 sheep romp around, freshness of the morning wetted with dew, green wave which gentle br...
[Daegwanryeong Samyang Ranch]
Samyang Daegwanryeong ranch which is of the largest scale in the Asia have led the stockbreeding industry in the mountainous district of our country by pioneering the land not being used in the lofty...
[Happy Island Village_Jodo-6-gundo]
1. Gasagundo 10 minute sailing from shimi harbor takes you to Gasagundo where you can see the island laid out from north to south. From east to west, the scenary of Daesodongdo
[Happy Island Village_Hajododeungdae]
Hajododeungdae(lighthouse - its official name is Hajodo route indication management office), which acts as the guide to the ships that sails past Jodogundo, was built in 1909 and is one of few lightho...
[Usan Jirungi village_Woodland]
In Woodland of Ukbulsan Pyunbaek forest, which is located in the Chamaecyparis obtusa(pyunbaek) forest of Ukbulsan, there are wood culture exhibition, woodwork and ecology construction experiencing pl...
[Muan Yaksil_Aerospace museum]
Hodam Aerospace museum can be found by traveling 5km from Muan-eup in Mongtan direction.
[Baenapple_Tongdogol/Yeongchuk-san(mt.)/Edenvalley Resort]
Tongdogol is well known for the painted maples due to its deep valleys and wide diurnal range.
[Baenapple_Baenaegol Valley/Songrim Forest]
Baenaegol valley is surrounded by the hills renown as Yeongnam Alpes and other small gorges and valleys and the pure water from these places gather and form a beautiful scenary.
[Deoksil_Eco-friendly Golf Course/ Jungamru/Iljun Buchae Museum]
Running for about 10 minutes after getting off at Gunbuk IC of Namhae highway will get you to the gate of Uiryung, the village of loyalty and under the bridge of Namgang lies a rock in the shape of a ...
Goormdari that lies above Soobyun park with the water of Uiryung-chun displays an outstanding scenary.
[dg_Dukgo Tourist resort Introduciton]
As the viewing resources of Chiaksan, there are beautiful valleys such as Guryong valley, Bugok valley and Keumdae valley and there are many many famous sites such as Guryongso and Saeryum waterfal. Y...
[dg_Village Tourism]
In year 1211(Heejong 7), General Jochun worked as Dongjigonggu and also DaesasungHanrimhaksa. After working as Dongbukmyunbyungmasa and Yaebusangseo,
This famous cave was used by 6000 people to train their body and mind.
715m high Chuntaesan has magnificent nature scenary, well organized hiking route and many Gyungs which is preferred by many hikers and families. In particular, Yangsanpalgyung(8 Gyungs in Yangsan) be...
[bidangang_Songho tour]
Songho tour site of 284,000 land is prepared with management office, parking lot, cook house, gymnasium, playground, walking route and bungalows and also the swimming pool is built between the pine t...
[horongbul_Najaetongmun ]
Door that was made by drilling the cliff of mountain stem that crosses Seolchun-myun and Mupung-myun of Muju-gun Jeollabukdo.
[horongbul_Muju gucheondong]
Muju Resort is a part of Deogyusan national park. Its basic concept is the harmony with nature and it is a 4 season resort aiming for the harmonious status of nature, human, art and health.
[horongbul_Bandi land]
Bandiland consists of Insect Museum, Bandibuli Nature School, astronomy science center, a campsite for youth and log house and the fireflies are inhabited here which can be the area for experiencing a...
[banam_Goindol(dolmen) park]
Characteristics of Gochang Goindol The most unique characteristic of Gochang Goindol is that it is the only place on earth to see various types of dolmen and the dense distribution of dolmen and the...
[Jeju Cruz]
Address : 2614-5, Doju 1 Dong, Jeju Si, Jeju Special Self Governing Province Introduction It is the first excursion ship, Jeju excursion ship, making a round of Jeju
[Road of Seaside ]
It is the most favorite date course of lovers with the various colored neon signs dancing to the sound of wave and the numerous fishing boats lighting more bright than daylight in the black sea. Thoug...
[Hanrim Park]
Jeju Hanrim park, established by Bong Gyu Song (Jaeam) in 1971, was started by sowing the seed of coconut tree in the wasteland, sand beach, of about 100 thousand pyeong , and has become a worldwide p...
[Miniature theme park]
In Jeju, the typical sightseeing resort in Korea, the largest miniature theme park nationwide was established on the site of 20,000 pyeong. It is located in the gifted place harmonized with natures a...
[Yangchon royal azalea garden]
It is said that the owner of Yangchon royal azalea garden fell in love with the royal azalea flowers and grew his own, till he became an instructor at a famous dwarf-potting academy in Daejeon, and la...
[Barang mountain farm]
Barang mountain farm is a resting place in the village created for family unit tourists to visit freely and enjoy.
[Balanced rock]
Located between Wolseong peak and Barang mountain, where as the balanced rock in Seorak mountain is oval-shaped, the rock in Osan-Ri is in a wide form just like the shell of a turtle. It is light enou...
[Complex of Wild Flower]
The boundary of Geumdaebong( 1418.1m) and Daedeok Mountain ( 1307.1m) , 1 million and 260 thousand pyung, was designated as the Zone of Reserving Ecosystem by the Ministry of Environment. The Ministry...
[Complex of Gonaengji Vegetable Maebong Mountain]
The complex of gonangji vegetable in Maebong Mountain and the complex of wind power plant are located at the corner of Hangangbalwonji village. Climbing the mountain covered with cabbage field visit...
[Hantan River tour spot]
It was first designated as the national tour recreation park on March 31st 1997, and the designated area at the time was 394,000~594,000m. Then on December 17th 1983 recreation park development began...
[Yangwon-li Jiseok Tomb]
Jiseok Tomb (dolmen) is one of the representative tomb styles of the Bronze Age. As an important source for clarifying the culture and social conditions of the time, in general, they are technically c...
[Sucheol Fortress]
As you go along National Highway no.3 from Uijeongbu towards Dongducheon direction, turn left at Deokjeong intersection, go 5km along National Highway no.56, and you meet provincial road no.368.
[Jeongok-Ri Prehistoric Site]
In Yeoncheon Jeongok-Ri Prehistoric Festival, a subheading is selected by Jeongok-Ri Prehistoric Site every year, and various programs such as prehistoric experiencing grounds, stoneware making, etc ...
[Jara Island]
Jara Island, an island floating above Bukhan River, is about 200 thousand pyung units. The center of the island is covered with sand and soil, and the outsides are composed of big stones and small peb...
[Nami Island]
A crescent moon-shaped Nami Island floating on Bukhan River was originally not an island, but it became one when Chunpyung dam was erected and the surrounding areas submerged under water. The tomb of ...
[Garden of Morning Calm]
The Garden of Morning Calm is located at the base of Gyeonggido Gapyung-gun Chukryung Mountain, and it was established in 1996 by professor Han Sang Kyung. It is not just in the notion of plant collec...
[Bidoolginang tour]
Bidoolginang, hidden unexplored region in Daehwaesan-Ri, Youngbuk-Myun, was named because it is cliff that doves built their nests.
[Lee Se Dol Baduk Memorial Place]
- Lee Se Dol Baduk Memorial Place is a memorial place created by remodeling Grade 9 Lee Se Dols old school, Bi-geum Dae-gwang Primary School. The memorial place is tribute to Bi-geim Islands genius ...
[Baeksu coastal road]
Younggwang Baeksu coastal road, located on provincial highway no.14 that connects the National highway no.77, has been selected as the 9th most beautiful road among the 100 beautiful roads of Korea.
[First arrival place of Baekje Buddhism]
First arrival place of Baekje Buddhism, located in Younggwang-gun Bupseong-Myun Jinnae-Ri, is the initial starting place of Buddhism in Baekje, and it is one of the representative tour spots of Youngg...
[Doctor Wang-In site]
Doctor Wang-In site is located at the base of east Munpil peak in Gurim Village, and it is a place restored to give evidence of his traces
[Migratory birds observation center]
Gunglipogu, Cheonsu Bay A district seadike, and Ganwol Lake are international arrival place of numerous migratory birds. To this, Hongseong-gun has established a bird investigation science center, in ...
[Cosmos complex]
Once you enter the coastal road from Gunglipogu to Namdangpogu via Sokdong observatory, the cosmos complex spread out before you entertain your eyes. Cosmoses, which the villagers planted in the waste...
[Sokdong observatory]
Sokdong observatory is a noted place in the coast of Hongseong, erected in 2005 at the seaside near Imhae tour road between Uhsapogu and Gungli. If you climb the observatory, you can see the open view...
[Sokdong observatory]
Sokdong observatory is a noted place in the coast of Hongseong, erected in 2005 at the seaside near Imhae tour road between Uhsapogu and Gungli. If you climb the observatory, you can see the open view...
[Auto Camping Ground]
Romantic and illusionary camping ground with luxuriant pine forest and the wave of jade color! It is a national sightseeing resort opened for whole year and an environment friendly leisure space a...
[Walgil Forest]
The second National Beautiful Forest Competition was held from July 2nd 2001 to August 31st 2001. It is an effort to find and promote beautiful forest around us to remind the importance of forest to o...
[Ttangkkeut (southernmost end of Korean peninsula) tour spots]
Ttangkkeut (southernmost end of Korean peninsula) originates from how it is located at the southernmost region of the Korean peninsula – Haenam-gun Songji-Myun Galdu mountain Saja peak Ttangkkeut (sou...
[Hanam_Movie Theme Park, Admission Fee and Opening Hour, Hapcheon Museum ]
Hapcheon Movie Theme Park can be reached within 15 minutes from Hapcheon eup to the direction of Hapcheon dam. This place came to known outside after taking pictures of the street battle of Pyeongya...
[Jin-Cheon Confucian school]
Jincheon Confucian School Chungbuk Jincheon-gun Jincheon-Eup Gyoseong-Ri. 101st Chungbuk tangible cultural property A Confucian school in Chungcheongbukdo Jincheon-Gun Jincheon-Eup Gyoseong-Ri.
[Mageompo beach]
Mageompo beach in Taean-gun Nam-myon, is a beach located before the bridge crossing to Anmyeondo. It is not yet well-known to people, and is very quiet. Around the beach there is a dense beach-pine fo...
[Cheongpodae beach]
It is a beach located south of Monsangpo beach. As the name Cheongpodae implies, the dense pine forest nearby, sand bank, and the vast white sand beach connecting to Mongsanpo make the visitors who co...
[Taean Coast National Park]
With Chungcheongnamdo Taean-gun Taean peninsula in the center, Taean Coast National Park reaches Garorim Bay in the north and Anmyeondo in the south. Land area is 36.274, and coastal area is 290.30....
[Woncheong sand dune]
Woncheong sand dune used to limit the entrance of private citizens and artificial alteration, and thus the sand dune topography is well-preserved, and there is a wide variety of organisms. There are 8...
[8 superb views of Taean]
View 1 Baekhwa mountain Baekhwa mountain fortress at the top of Baekhwa mountain in Taean-ub Dongmun-li was constructed during the time of Goryo King Chungryul (1275-1308). It is 700m long and 3.5m h...
[Herb Farm ]
Taean, where the herb farm is located, is the best place to cultivate herbs because of its coastal climate. Based on years of herb tea ? herb product manufacture and distribution, Herbra Co, Ltd, whic...
[Cheongsan Garden]
hese days, living waste water, factory waste water and remaining toxicity of insecticides flow into streams and rivers indiscriminately, polluting the land and the seas. At Cheongsan Garden, ecology p...
[Source of Byuljubujeon Fable]
There is the Myo-saem which is a stream in the green mountains where the rabbit left his liver he had taken out and washed before he went into the sea palace carried by the turtle, in order to escap...
About 2,000 years ago, two wizards of Mt. Mai and two wizards of Mt. Unsu gathered by Owon River to enjoy themselves in the beautiful nature and bathe in the clear water.
[Udo Haenyeo Anti-Japan Movement Memorial Monument ]
Udo Haenyeo Anti-Japan Movement Memorial Monument is standing at Cheonjin-ri Square near Udo Port. The monument has an engraving of in Chinese and the Song of Haenyeo on the pedestal. ...
[Lighthouse Park]
Udo Lighthouse is the first lighthouse to light up Jeju Special Self-governing Province in 1906 and is the sixth oldest lighthouse in Korea. In the early 1900s, Seongsanpo was the major port used by ...
[Goindol Park]
The exhibition uses the characteristics of Goindol. The exhibition center is the most accessible facility in the park and includes the management office for the park.
[Nampo Police Cemetery ]
Gogaetmaru by National Highway No. 21 at Nampo-myeon of Boryeong in Chungnam has a memorial park cherishing 15 police officers, including Sir Chul Mo Jung, who were killed by the communist invaders du...
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[Origin of Names of Local Areas]
Songti (Songsan-1-ri) About 500 years ago, Songsan-ri established as the settlement of the Yi Family of Jeonui, beneath a low hill called Saenggoljae. Today, 70% of the residents engage in farming ...
[Sunflower Road]
As you enter Bugok 1000top Village, you will be greeted by big, yellow sunflowers. Bugok 1000top Village joined sisterhood with Samsung Semiconductor Onyang Branch whose employees come to the villag...
[Okhwa Natural Forest]
Characteristics - Luxurious forest and clean valley good for family vacation.
[Nangchugol Learning Center ]
Description Nangchugol Learning Center is a place surrounded by beautiful mountains, clean air, and luxurious nature. Its natural environment is beautiful throughout the seasons. Here, cool valleys ...
[Stone Towers]
Bugok 1000top Village got its name from the stone pagodas that have been erected for its wellness. Being a mountainous village, there are lots of rocks in the village. The local people erected the s...
[Origin of Endland]
Sinjeung Donggukyeojiseungrams Mangukgyeonguido marked Haenam-hyeon as the southernmost point of the Korean Peninsula and Onseong-bu of Hamgyeongbuk-do as the northernmost point. General Information...
[Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest]
Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest aligns to the coast and stretches about 740m in length, 30m in width, and 15-20m in height. The trees are about 30cm in circumference at chest-height and form a half-moon s...
[Zelkova tree ]
Zelkova tree lives in the warm regions of Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and China. The tree looks rounded as its stems spread to all directions. The flowers bloom in May and the disk-shaped fruit ripens in ...
[Gagyeonsa Temple]
his is a temple situated beneath Mt. Bogae, by the entrance to Mt. Songni National Park. Approaching the temple from Taeseong-ri, it takes a long walk past the village, farms, and fields, then throug...
[Tongil Pagoda]
The new integrated base of the army, navy, and air force was established on Mt. Gyeryong (Namseon-myeon, Gyeryong) as a secret operation called 6•20 Plan' since 1938. The army and the air force sett...
[The Partisan Route]
Mt. Jiri has breathed with the spirit and emotion of the Korean people. However, it was once the base of communist guerrillas and the background of the most tragic event in Korean history.
This hill was named Odojae because Priest Cheongmae Ino (1548-1623, pupil of Seosan), who was studying at Dosolam of Yeongwonsa Temple at Samjeong-ri of Macheon-myeon, achieved enlightenment while wal...
[Birth Home of Jae Woo Gwak]
General Jae Woo Gwak is originally from Hyeonpung. His given name was Gyesu, pen name was Mangudang, and posthumous name was Chungik.
[The Tombs of Sangjeong-ri ]
These tombs are located on the fields to the south of Hwajeong Middle School. This is a group of seven tombs. The first four tombs are situated in the center of the field and the remaining three by ...
Jeongamjin at Jeongam-ri of Euiryeong-eup is the name of a ferry on Nam River that flows from Euiryeong to Haman. It is also the place where the volunteer troops achieved their greatest victory again...
[Birth Home of Priest Seongcheol]
he birth home of priest Seongcheol and Geoboisa Temple are located at Mukgok-ri Danseong-myeon of Sancheong-gun by Daejeon-Tongyeong Highway. Priest Seongcheol is the pioneer of modern Buddhism in Ko...
[Sir Sik Chos Historical Remains]
Cheonwang Peak of Mt. Jiri is located to the northwest of Daepo Village. The water from the peak divides into Jungsan and Samjang on its way and the streams meet again at Yangdang to form Deoksan. S...
[Gyeongsangbuk-do Arboretum]
Located on a highland that rises 630m in average altitude, Gyeongsangbuk-do Arboretum is Asias largest and the worlds second largest arboretum (3,222ha). As a great learning center of mountainous p...
[Chujado Lighthouse]
cherishes the 10 Beautiful Sceneries of Chuja, and Chujado Lighthouse stands on the top of a 125m-high hill in Upper Chujado Island.
[Gray Heron Habitat]
Euiseongs Gray Heron Habitat is located at Jungryul-ri of Sinpyeong-myeon. Sinpyeong-myeon is situated to the northwest of Euiseong. Jungryul-ri is Koreas greatest gray and white heron habitat and...
[Hangae Village]
Hangae Village is the town of the Yi Family of Seongsan. About 500 years ago, Woo Yi, the 15th-generation descendant of the Yi Family and the former governor of Jinju, first settled here. Hangae sta...
[Namyang Sacred Land of Virgin Mary]
Namyang Sacred Land of Virgin Mary was created in the memory of many unknown martyrs who were killed in 1866. Dedicated to Virgin Mary on October 7, 1991, this place became the first official sacred ...
[Tomb of General Nami]
The Tomb of General Nami was designated as Gyeonggi-do Monument No. 13 on July 10, 1973. It is sitting on a double stone foundation at Namjeon-ri Bibong-myeon Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do.
[Changmun Art Center]
Changmun Art Center was completed in May 2001 in the former Changmun Elementary School building in Hwaseong and opened as a beautiful, visitor-friendly art museum.
[Historical Relics of Chusa]
The Historical Relics of Chusa is located inside the old East Gate Site of Daejeong-eup. This is where Kim, Jung Hee (1786~1856; pen name: Chusa), a government officer and writer during the Joseon Dy...
[Soingook Theme Park]
Koreas largest miniature theme park opened at Jeju Special Self-governing Province. Located nearby Mt. Halla and surrounded by parasitic volcanoes, the park beautifully harmonizes with the heavenly ...
[Meju and Cellist]
The scent of soybean paste and soy sauce fermenting in 3,000 jars every year
[Gimsatgat Literature Center]
This place exhibits Sir Gimsatgats life and literature at a glance.
Jangreung is the tomb of King Danjong, the 6th king of the Joseon Dynasty
Cheongryeongpo is located about 2km to the southwest of Yeongwol-eup.
[Folk Museum]
Yujeon Folk Museum is located in a log building with yellow earth walls and tile roofing.
[Haesari School of Traditional Culture]
The former Sacheon Elementary School Sagimak Branch building has been rented and remodeled to make Haesari School of Traditional Culture.
injeung Donggukyeojiseungrams Mangukgyeonguido marked Haenam-hyeon as the southernmost point of the Korean Peninsula and Onseong-bu of Hamgyeongbuk-do as the northernmost point.
[Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest]
Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest aligns to the coast and stretches about 740m in length, 30m in width, and 15-20m in height. The trees are about 30cm in circumference at chest-height and form a half-moon s...
Dumulmeori is where Bukhan River meets Namhan River. Along with Yamadang and Yongmunsa Temples Gingko Tree, Dumulmeori is one of the three major landmarks of Yangpyeong-gun. Dumulmeori is Yangsu-...
Semiwon is a meaningful place where Gyeonggi-do shares its intentions to make the Han River, the main artery of Korea, clear and beautiful.
[Family Shrine of Sir Soang Cho]
Sir Cho was an independent movement leader and politician from Hwangbang-ri of Nam-myeon.
[Nam-myeon Zelkova and Eco Pond]
This zelkova tree has been designated as Natural Monument No. 278. It is thought to be about 850 years old. It is 21m in height and 12m in girth, with its branches spread in all directions around 4m...
[Morning Calm Arboretum]
The garden of Korean beauty! Morning Calm Arboretum is designed to exhibit the beauties of Korea in the views of Mt. Chungnyeong. It includes many unique traditional gardens and offers a comfortable...
[Dalbang Dam]
The construction of Dalbang Dam began in 1986. We started to add water in 1989 until it was completed in May 1990. Dalbang Dam supplies Donghaes agricultural, industrial, and domestic waters.
[Woncheon Life Sports Park, Lake Park]
Lakeside Park is a picture-perfect location by the village.
[Woncheon Life Sports Park, Lake Park]
This 1.4ha open sports park by the lake is great for athletic meetings and many other community sports events.
[Story of Baekgu (Baekgu Park)]
Jindogae, the Natural Preservation No. 53 and Worlds Noted Canine No. 334, is a mid-sized canine species that is known for its outstanding faithfulness, brightness, cleanliness, attachment, courage a...
[Jangneung, Cheongryeongpo, Gossi Cave, Byeolmaro Observatory, Museum of Modern International Arts]
Jangneung is the tomb of Joseons 6th King, King Danjong. King Danjong was King Munjongs only son and was born in the 23rd year of the reign of King Sejong (1441).
[Group of Dolmens]
Location: About 1.5km from the village across Nampyeonggyo Bridge and along National Highway No. 42 (Jeongseon-Yeoryang)
[Jukseoru Pavilion]
A pavilion is an open loft-like structure. This particular one was established by Sir Yi, Seung Hyu, a great scholar from the Goryeo Dynasty, in 1275 (the 1st year of the reign of King Chungryeol).
[Saldun Cabin]
Saldun Cabin is very popular among mountain lovers as one of the 100 most beloved cabins in Korea.
[Wanggok Folk Village, Tongil Observation Deck ]
Wanggok Village is located behind Songji Lake in Jukwang-myeon and is the old name for todays Obong-1-ri.
Mt. Oibyeons most popular attractions are Chaeseokgang and Byeonsan Beach. Chaeseokgang refers to Gyeokpo Port that appears at the western tip of the Byeonsan Peninsula in low tide and the layered c...
[Naesosa Temple]
Naesosa Temple was established in the 34th year of the reign of Baekje King Muwang (633). Its original name was Soraesa Temple, meaning a place to visit to be reborn.
[World Cultural Heritage – Gochang Dolmen Park]
Gochang Dolmen, a world cultural heritage, proudly presents various forms to show the Korean ancestors creativity.
[Green Barley Fields]
Our 100ha Hakwon Farm in Seondong-ri Gongeum-myeon was designated as a tourism farm in 1994.
[Seongeup Folk Village]
Seongeup-ri was the administrator of Jeongui-hyeon when Jeju Special Self-governed Province was divided into three Hyeon (1410~1914). It still preserves the characteristics of an eastern mid-slope vi...
[Ilchul (Sunrise) Land]
Ilchul Land exhibits the outcomes of Jejus academic researches, development plans, environmental assessment,
[Tongyeong Maritime Science Center ]
The Sea of the Land: The New World of Dreams and Courage created by the Sea Tongyeong Maritime Science Center is Tongyeongs tourism resource by the beautiful Hallyeo Maritime Park and the site of mar...
[Dara Park]
Location: Minam-ri Sanyang-eup Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-doContact: Tongyeong Tourism Promotion Department 055)645-0101 Tourist Information Center 055) 650-5735~8 Location This place is k...
[Underwater Tunnel ]
483m in length, 5m in width, and 3.5m in height, this tunnel is Asias first underwater tunnel built over a year and four months between 1931 and 1932.
[Tongyeong Grand Bridge]
As an increasing number of tourists are visiting Donam Tourism District and more and more people are moving into the new residential areas of Mireukdo Island, Tongyeong Brand Bridge was established to...
[Nammangsan Sculpture Park]
Mt. Nammang Sculpture Park was established in the 15,700 property within Mt. Nammang Park in Dongho-dong to connect Tongyoeng to Mireukdo Islands special tourism district and foster Tongyeong into a...
[citizen's cultural center]
Citizens cultural center harmonizes with the surrounding Mt. Nammang Sculpture Park and shares outstanding cultural and artistic performances and exhibitions with the local people.
[Chungryeolsa Temple]
Chungryeolsa Temple enshrines the tablet of Yi Chungmugong. In the 39th year of the reign of Joseon King Seonjo (1606), eight years after the Japanese Invasion of 1592, the temple was built by the Ki...
[Forest of Hope]
Observe wild flowers and breathe fresh air along the luxurious pine tree trail!!
[Gumeongbaui (Hole Rock) ]
Gumeongbaui is a rock(baui) that has a tunnel-like hole(gumeong) made by a long weathering process, thus it was named so.
[Nearby Attractions (Changmun Art Center)]
An open space for creation, exhibitions, and learning experience. Changmun Art Center renovated Changmun Elementary School in Hwaseong of Gyeonggi-do, in May 2001, to establish a beautiful and plea...
[Nearby Attractions (Marsh Park)]
Created in 2002, Lake Sihwas Reed Marsh Park uses aquatic plants, such as reeds, to improve the quality of water in the tributaries that flow into Lake Sihwa. This is a 105ha waste water treatment p...
[Nearby Attractions (Herbal Park)]
At the Herbal Park located by Imjin River, you can feel the nature within various cultural facilities, as nature and culture are harmonized without boundaries.
[Nearby Attractions (Ippa-do Island)]
Ippa-do Island is a part of Gukhwa-ri Ujeong-myeon, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do.
[Nearby Attractions (Jebu-do Island)]
Jebu-do was named after 'Jeyakbugyeong,' people who used to help children and elderly cross the waterway between Songgyo-ri and this island.
[Nearby Attractions (Nong Island)]
Nong Island in MaeHyang-ri is about 10 minutes by boat from the land. The U.S. Army established Cooney Shooting Site, in 1951, during the Korean War in Nong Island, but the site was closed down as the...
[Nearby Attractions (Baengmi-ri)]
Baengmi-ri Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong ? the Typical Fishery Village with Heavenly Natural Tidelands
[Attractions (Seorimsa Temple)]
Run about 4km from Gangsang-myeon of Yangpyeong to Mt. Yangja and you will arrive at Seorimsa Temple.
[Attractions (Tomb of Sir Yun, Geuk Yeong)]
Songhak-3-ri of Gangsang-myeon has the tomb and monument of Sir Yun, Geuk Yeong (pen name: Bandal).
[Attractions (Yongmunsa Temple)]
Yongmunsa Temple is the branch temple of Bongseonsa Temple, the 25th temple of Koreas Jogye Order. It is administered by Sinjeom-ri of Yongmun-myeon and is the greatest among the temples in Mt. Yong...
[Attractions (Mt. Chilhyeon)]
Mt. Chilhyeon is not very high (516.2m) but has beautiful features. It has a well-made trail which is great for casual family hiking.
[Nearby Attractions (Juksan Catholic Sacred Land)]
Run southbound on Jungbu Highway from Seoul toward Juksan-myeon of Anseong and exit at Iljuk Interchange to arrive at Juksan Catholic Church. Nearby the Church we find the place where many Catholic b...
[Nearby Attractions (Hong, Shin Ja International Art Complex)]
Coming from Yongseol Reservoir toward the embankment, we encounter a road sign to Utneundol (Smiling Stone) on the right. The sign takes us to an internationally renowned Avant-Garde Dancer Hong, S...
[Introduction of cultural exchanges and performances of Mongolian Cultural Village]
Namyangju-si concluded a peace treaty with Ulan Bator of Mongolia and has held various cultural events such as the invitational performances of the Mongolian Folk Art Team and has been reborn as an in...
[Introduction about Mongolian Cultural Village]
Building a ger, to a Mongolians, means a family receives new family members through marriage or birth
[Janheung Tourist Development]
Chestnut Forest, Parking lot, General Gwonyuls grave, walking course, swimming pools. Museum, pottery exhibition centre and camp sites are located nearby.
[Ilyeong Park]
A romantic dating drive course for lovers, incredible outing site for students, and hut, farm, stream, swimming pool, restaurants and accommodations for family outings.
[Galmaemot Holly Land]
This sea execution ground Galmaemot is evidence of the sad missionary history. 3 French Christians and two chairmen who were the main people of the church went to the police themselves to protect othe...
[Power Plant]
Boryeong Power Plant is 3.83km2 big, has 6 facilities with a 50kW capability that can burn a total of 3,000,000 kW of bituminous coal and heavy oil. It was built in Dec, 1979 and No.1 was built in Dec...
[Coal Museum]
The coal museum was built on May, 18, 1995 on the 25,163 land with a total floor space of 1,600 in memory of the coal labor's efforts in Chungnam coal mine and to inform our descendants of the devel...
[Cold Wind Bathing]
A cold wind blows out from hundreds of meters below the ground through the coral mines, and this cold wind will make you cold even in the summer.
[Jeungpyeong Blacksmith]
Blacksmiths never stop beating iron in heat and near flames even in mid-summer.
[Wild Flower Hiking Course]
Wild Flower Hiking Course is located behind Mt. Mudeung Tourism Farm in Chojung-ri Jeungpyeong-gun.
[Bogangcheon Fitness Park]
It is Jeungpyeong-guns largest fitness park that is equipped with handy fitness equipment, physical enhancement devices, and convenience facilities.
Goseokjeong designated as nation tourist attraction in 1977 is one of Cheolwon 8 wonderful sceneries located on midstream of Hantan Riv., which is peculiar because of a huge curious rock dominating in...
[Migratory birds watching sightseeing]
Our nation is one of international migrants protection areas. There are many winter immigrants to fly to our nation to pass the cold winter from the far Siberia and like places. Especially, Cheolwon...
[Unification & Security sightseeing]
Cheolwon is the place to have the most traces of Korean War. You can make a round the iron delta war records site, which completely remains the traces of Korean War which was as fierce as the violent ...
[Okgu Park]
Okgudo is an environmentally friendly park located in Siheung-si to attract visitors. The facilities of Okgudo Park sitting on 47,500 pyeong around Okgudo are divided into Hometown Hill, Forest Class...
[Mongolian Culture Village]
Location: Naebangri, Sudongmyeon, South Yangju (In Sudong Tourism Development) Area : 10,483(3,170pyeong)
[Gamaso Park]
As you go down along the valley in Yeoninsan Village, you will see Gamaso Park, which was named so because it looks a cauldron. The water flowing under the rocks is so clear and quiet that it has bec...
[Chukryeongsan Forest ]
Chukryeongsan mountain stands over South Yangju and Gapyeonggun, and is 879m high. The forest is mature, and its valleys are beautiful. A myth is passed on that Seonggye Lee, the founder of Choseon dy...
[Yeongyin Mountain Forest]
Yeongyin Mountain which is located at the northwest side of Chungnam, the name Yeongyin means miracle. Yeongyin mountain fortress is located at top which
[Seolbong Mountain Three Brothers Rock]
Legend of Seolbong Mountain Three Brothers Rock
[Wolcheon Camping Site]
Wolcheon Camping Site that is closely adjacent to Wolcheon Beach, which is about 40km to the south of Samcheok, was a powerful nation during the Age of Samhan and always confronted the Goguryo since i...
[Japanese plum and cherry blossoms road]
The road that is connected from Waujeongsa Temple of Yongin in Gyeonggi-do to Mirinae Holy Place of Anseong is one of the best spring driving roads
[Munamsong/Cheolbul Temple]
This pine tree named Munamsong which has grown piercing through a 1,000 years old rock of Mt. Ami is 12.6m high and 3.2m round.
[Hwagae market place ]
Hwagae market place is located in Tap-ri, Hwagae-myeon. A 5 day interval town market used to be held actively in the place.
[Pyeongsa-ri Park]
Pyeongsa-ri park located in Pyeingsa-ri, Agyang-myeon, Hadong-gun is situated between Hadong-eup and Gurye.
A broad plain spreads under Seongje mountain peak, the end of the huge southern ridge of Mt. Jiri.
[Jangyeon Lecture Hall from the Joseon Dynasty]
It is a lecture hall that enshrines the memorial tablet of Museonggong Daseong Mun, the originator of the Num Family, one of the most well-known families of Nampyeong, as well as those of Gong-Yu Mun,...
[Dongsa-ri Seokdeung (Stone Lantern)]
It is currently located within the campus of Nampyeong Elementary School. According to a study record from 1977, the foundation stone was buried underground and was not recognizable, but the bottom p...
[Naju Munbaui (Rock)]
The originator of the Mun Family of Nampyeong () is called by several names. His posthumous title is Daseong (), given name is Myeongwon (٥), pen name is Samgwang (߲), and posthumous epitaph ...
[Nampyeong Confucian Temple]
Nampyeong Confucian Temple was erected in 4-ri to the east of the East Gate of Nampyeong-hyeon in the 2nd year of the reign of King Sejong (1420) and was transferred to the current position, beneath W...
[Jungnim Temple]
[Todays Jungnim Temple was established during the rule of Shilla Empire and was reconstructed in 1809 (9th year of the reign of Joseong King Sunjo). Mt. Jungnim was called Mt. Bongbi (ޫߣ) during th...
[Group of Gobun in Shinyeon-ri]
It was designated the Jeollanam-do Cultural Item No. 139 on January 15, 1987.
[Agricultural Technology Center]
Jeollanam-do Agricultural Technology Center is dedicated to developing and utilizing scientific agricultural technologies and vitalizes farm villages for the development of Jeonnam's agriculture and f...
[Group of Gobun (Old Tombs) in Ogya-ri]
It was designated the Jeollanam-do Cultural Item No. 140 on January 15, 1987.
[Naedong-ri Twin Tombs]
It was designated the Jeollanam-do Monument No. 83 on February 7, 1986.
[Crane Forest]
Location: Jukseong-1-ri Singwang-myeon Buk-gu Pohang, Gyeongbuk (by village entrance)At the time of Korean Independence in August 15, 1945, about 200 grey cranes first visited our village. Since abou...
[Dukkeopbawi Rock]
Dukkeopbawi Rock is a toad-shaped rock in a prominent place which is good for advertising
[Miryang Dam]
Miryang Dam is located in Gyeongsangnam-do Miryang-si Danjang-myeon Gorye-ri and was completed in November of 2001.
[Birae Rock]
Birae Rock is a rock whose width is 100m, and height 60m steep like folding screens, which is alone dominating over surrounding mountains and it has the legend that it flied from Mt. Geumgang and sat...
[Bimok Park ]
This quiet place located around Dam of Peace is the place to remain the painful traces of the war that regrettable youth disappeared with the smokes of cannons. Hwacheon-gun reconstructed this as a pa...
The pleasure of Daegi-ris green highland~ Star Village Anbandegi!! Do you wish to feel how it would be like to live on clouds? Come to Anbandegi.
[Crucian carp Island]
This is an island formed by fresh water of Chuncheon Dam. The environment is well preserved in the island and it is the recreation center made up so that leports and natural recreation can be enjoyed ...
[Cherry Blossom Way]
In spring, you can feel the sprit of spring at Hadomun Village. Walk on Hadomun Villages Cherry Blossom Way to feeling the greetings of spring.
[Dam of Peace]
Going up along the entrance road to dam with rounding Bukhangang(riv.), and passing Haesan tunnel whose length is 1,986m, the 2nd longest in domestic by the basis of straight line, Dam of Peace formed...
[Cheonlipo Arboretum]
heonlipo Arboretum was authorized in 1979 from the non-profit foundation which is under the Forest Service.
When you go the Sowon-Myeon direction from Manlipo, you can meet Batgogae and if you go in the opposite direction, you can meet a sea jade village named Padoli.
[Daemyeong Vivaldi Park ]
The largest merit of Hongchoen Daemyeong Vivaldi Park is that it is near from Seoul. It can be arrived by 1 hours drive from Seoul, so regardless of season, many tourists visit here on weekends. It w...
Nampomungo is being managed to increase economic, social and cultural knowledge of the residents by encouraging them to read and through the information education.
[Jangheung Saturday Market]
In Jangheung-gun, the name of the traditional market of Jangheung-eup is changed into 'Jeongnamjin Saturday Folk Market', and Folk Market is ran every Saturday starting from July of the re-construct...
* Namwon Land Namwon Land is one of Namwon's citizen's parks and is frequently used as a cultural space for youth with various cultural facilities (Chunhyang Culture and Arts Center, National Institu...
[The Story of Chunghyang]
It is the background of the Story of Chunhyang (12ha) that is located within Namwon Park of Eohyeon-dong, Namwon and was developed into a tourist attraction of love including the background of of Dir...
[Sejong Astronomical Observatory ]
The Korea-biggest private astronomical observatory (Maximum 1,000 persons), observatory experiences such as finding constellations and operating a telescope, rafting, and lodging and educational facil...
[Shimpo Harbor]
If you go to the west side sea of Gimje, which is well known as the horizontal sunset plain village, you can see the Jinbong peninsula, and at the end of the Jinbong peninsula, there is a small port.
This is a tombstone and a lake bank in the ear of three states and it is located in Yongseong-li, Buryang-myeon, Jeonbuk.
Gwanghallu was originally established as Gwangtongru by Sir Hwang, Hee when he was exiled to Namwon in 1419. In the 26th year of the reign of Joseong King Sejong (1444), Jung, In-Ji, an official of...
[Tourist Attacktions]
Geojedaegyo(br.) was built on April of 1971 by Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company, and its 740m long and 10m wide. By the opening of this bridge, it connected Geojedo(island) with the mainl...
[Daejanggeum Drama Set]
Daejanggeum Drama Set in Geumsan Buri Sutong Village is artificially constructed structure where the actual shooting of the drama took place.
[Bija Forest]
Bija Forest the biggest pure forest in the world. The trees in Bija Forest stands with the height of 7~14m, circumference of 50110, crown width of 1015m. Since ancient times, the fruit produced f...
The island is composed of about 200m of mountainous terrain and in between valleys there lies villages. Highest peak is Mangsan(283.1m) in south of the island. From the southeastern foot of this mount...
[White Lotus Reservoir of Hoesan]
The 100,000-pyong (33ha) White Lotus Reservoir of Hoesan, located in Bokyong-ri of Illo-eup, was built by our ancestors to irrigate the nearby farmlands during the dark period of Japanese Colonization...
[Seomjin Ferry]
The Seomjin Ferry crossing also located in the Maehwa Village used to be the main route of transportation in the area, having the natural conditions of a main route.
[Anti-Japanese Memorial Hall]
By collectingdisplayingmaintaining historical materials related to the Anti-Japanese Independence Movement of Jeju Territory, the Anti-Japanese Memorial Hall helps the future generations in learning...
[Green Apricot Farm]
The Green Apricot Farm is a great tourist attraction along the Seomjin river. The road 19 and road 861 both run along the farm making it easy to find. There are 2200 pots around the farm, giving it a...
[Maehwa Blossom Way]
The way to Gwangyang town is spotted with lots of apricot farms and the harvesting period differs but is normally the second week of march.
Jeongeupsa Jeongeupsa is a park built in the location where the story of the famous Gayo (a type of poem) in Baekje Dynasty called Jeongeupsa had taken place. In the park, the stone that resembles...
[Imgo Lecture Hall]
Imgo Lecture Hall was established in Mt. Burae in the 8th year of the reign of Joseon King Myeongjong (1553) in commemoration of Sir Mong-Ju Jeong (pen name: Poeun; ), the most devoted servant at t...
[Guiae Pavilion]
Guiae Pavilion established by the descendants of Geuk-Seung Cho (к), who served as a local governor in the Joseon Government during the reign of King Sunjo, in left commemoration of his Daehak Gang...
[Dangsa-do Lighthouse]
Dangsa-do Lighthouse, which was established in January of 1909, is 8.2m in height. As it is located on a highland, the top of the lighthouse is actually 95m tall above the average sea level.
[Mira-ri Evergreen Forest]
Designation: Natural Preservation No. 339 Title: Evergreen Forest () in Wando Mira-ri (ڸ)
[Maengseon-ri Evergreen Forest]
Designation: Natural Preservation No. 340 Title: Evergreen Forest () in Wando Maengseon-ri ()
[Soan Anti-Japan Movement Memorial Hall]
There were movements to establish a memorial hall when Sir Nae Ho Song was posthumously honored as a national hero of independence during the 1960s and by the request of Jaegyeong Association of Soan...
Nakjodae is located by a hiking course to the rear (Shinan Beach Hotel ~ Ildeungbaui) of Mt. Yudang
Gwangjejeong, to commemorate Yang, Don (pen name: Maedang), a scholar from the Joseon Dynasty Gwangjejeong was first established in Gwangje Village of Hucheon-ri in the early Joseon Dynasty by Yang, ...
[Seshim Natural Forest]
Imsil Baksagol Village has Seshim Natural Forest, a quiet rest place with the sounds of waters and birds. Seshim Natural Forest is located between Mt. Wontong (603m) and Jichobong (571m). Centered...
[Birth Place of Nongae]
Ju, Nongae (˿) is a patriotic woman who disguised herself as a mistress and seduced the opposing commander to Uiam by Nam River of Jinju to jump off the cliff with him. She did this for her husband...
[Dolmen Park]
* Exhibition Zone: Exhibition Hall, Cafeteria, Ticket Booth, Management Office, Snack Bar, Restroom (7 buildings)
Gatbaui, one of eight sceneries of Mokpo, resembles two people wearing hats (Gat) and standing by each other. There are Jungbaui and Satgatbaui (larger one is 8m tall and smaller one is 6m tall) and ...
[Mt. Seonun Provincial Park]
Mt. Seonun is a noted attraction that is called Inner Geumgang of Honam, and was designated as a provincial park in 1979.
[Herb Island]
Herb Island A herb garden where nature and humanity exist in harmony =>Edible Garden – a natural herb garden
[Yongbong Forest]
There are many cultural assets such as Yongbong temple, Maeaeseokbul, also it is named Yongbong Mountain because it looks like the head of a phoenix.
[Icheon Ceramic Village]
Icheon-si invested about 700 million Won in forming of convenient facilities such as an exhibition hall, restaurants, and parking lots in 1988 and during the 88 Olympic Games, the village was spotligh...
[Dangpo Fortress Site and Photos]
Dangpo fortress site is Goguryeo and Shilla remains, which is a very important remains about ancient Korean fortress, which is No. 192 reminder designed by Gyeonggi-do
[Muwujeong Arbor]
Muwujeong Arbor from which the view of the village is seen is a place where a cool wind blows and a visitor can take a rest.
Chaeseokgang is provincial-designated monument No. 28 and is the representative scenic point of Buan.
[Film Theme Park]
The Film Theme Park of Gyeokpo-ri of Byeongsan-myeon, which is 15ha in scale, restored Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung as well as the palaces, local government offices, civil courts, crafts houses, no...
[Natural Ecological Park]
About 66ha of tidal water retention is a beautiful place with a 2.5miles of reed field road, wild flower complex, Baduk Small Park, and gingko tree forest and is a great natural background for films a...
[Mt. Daegak Observation Deck]
Besides Wolyeong Peak is Mt. Daegak that rises 187m above sea level and resembles a dragon, and Mt. Daegak has an observation deck that looks down to Sinsi-do.
[Saemangeum Embankment]
Saemangeum Embankment connects Gunsan of Jeonbuk and Buan. With Saemangeum Total Development Project, multipurpose lands will be created in Gunsan, Gimje,
[Old Gunsan Isles]
Old Gunsan Isles include Sinsi-do, Seonyu-do, Jangja-do, Bangchuk-do, Yami-do, Munyeo-do, and about 10 small islands within 24km around Sinsi-do.
[Hill of Lost Hometown]
Hill of Lost Hometown was organized to console the souls who had left their homes in Korea forcefully to settle in foreign lands, especially in Japan, by the Japanese Colonization or who had died in f...
[Jangdo Cheonghae Base]
Wando's tourist markers include Jangdo Cheonghae Base, Jeongdo-ri Gugyedeong, Bogil Island of Seon-Do Yoon, Ju Island Evergreen Forest, Yesong-ri Evergreen Forest, Yejak Islands Ilexintergra Thunb, M...
[Dongchang Eternity Movement]
Dongchang Village is one of the historical sites of 1919 Eternity Movement, in which about 3,000 people participated. At this time, eight patriots had fallen down with gun shots and Palryeol Monument...
[Communists Headquarters]
Communists Headquarters located in Gwanjeon-ri, Cheolwon is a 3-story building that was built in 1946 by the exploited labor of local citizens and that was used by the Communist Party of North Korea ...
[Sunrise of Yong Island ]
Yong Island By: Dong-Sik Sin Sound of crying dogs, Break the dawn with elegance. Stand high on the cliffy cliff Covering himself with the golden lights of sunrise, ...
[Daeho Embarkment]
Located in Samgilpo-ri, Daesan-eup, Seosan, it is a 7.8km-long Easts longest embarkment forming the northern gate of Seosan contacting Daehoji-myeon of Dangjin. The surrounding landscape viewed down...
[Hoemun Mountains Natural Forest]
Hoemun Mountains was where Sir Ik-Hyeon Choi, Byeong-Chan Lim and Yun-Suk Yang led justice army to fight against the Japanese Colonization; was the center of communist guerillas along with Jiri Mounta...
[Changseon Bridge]
The oldest ancient-style fishing on earth that installs bamboo sticks in V-shape opposing the fast current running 13~15km/hour
[Goseong Fortress]
It is located in Goseong Mountains in Bukbang-ri of Iwonokjong-myeon. It is not specified when the fortress was built, but it is known that there was a fortress until 1770s.
[Movie Set of Taegeukgi ]
Hapcheon Office is planning to rent the movie properties (steam trains, tanks and armored vehicles) to re-form the set into a Survival Game Course and to develop a tourists course and related produc...
About 7.4 acres in the valley about 600~750m above sea level in Jaeyak Mountains is called Icevalley. This is the 224th National Memorial called the valley of mysteries where the ices form in mid-summ...
[Gadeok Island]
Busans largest island with the legend of Bogae Mountains that is said to have sunken under seawater and rose again to form the island.
[Dinosaur Egg Fossils Excavation Site]
A bunch of dinosaur egg fossils were excavated from the Mesozoic Cretaceous stratum at south reclamation land of Shihwa Lake, Gojeong-ri, Songsan-myeon, Hwaseong. Dr. Gap-Suk Jeong of the Institute o...
[8 Best Views of Mungyeong]
8 Best Views of Mungyeong refer to Saejae Valley of Mungyeong Provincial Park, Baekun Stand of Bongam Temple, Yongchu Valley, Seonudong Valley, Ssangyong Valley, Gimyeongsa Valley, Gyeongcheon Dam and...
[Pungsuwon ]
It is a freshwater exhibition center that is about 15 minutes away from the village. The almost-extinct species of fish are scientifically studied and preserved in here. It also provides adolescents...
[Hantaek Botanical Garden]
Current president Taek-Ju Lee, who was once in construction business, formed the land and established the facilities from 1979 to officially open this largest private botanical garden of Korea in 1984...
[Oeam-ri Folk Village]
Oeam-ri Folk Village of Songak-myeon, Asan, Chungnam preserves old traditional houses and cultures and was appointed Traditional Structure Preservation Zone in Aug 1988. This village is a noble vil...
[Memorial Monument of Canadian Alliance for Korean War]
Memorial Monument of Canadian Alliance for Korean War is located on the roadside in Igok-ri of Buk-myeon. On 2000yd2-wide ground, a 6.5m-tall monument stands in the center of 0.7m-tall pedestal and t...
[Shihwa Tide Embarkment]
It is 12.7km-long, Asias longest tide embarkment. It connects Shihwa of Siheung and Daebu Island of Ansan and surrounds Tan Island, Jebu Island, southern tidal flats area of Hwaseong and Shihwa Lak...
[Wild Grapes Farm]
Wild Grapes Farm that produces high-quality wild grapes with the fresh energy of Gamak Mountains, pollution-free air and the bright sunlight is Koreas one-and-only traditional wild grapes producer ap...
[Old Pine Region]
Old pine region includes a 5-km long block from the peak of Jiji Stand Pass, where Jiji Stand Monument is located, along the old Gyeongsu National High where the old pines grow. Chosun King Jeongjo gr...
[Zelkova Tree ]
Zelkova Tree of Nam-myeon, Yangju growing at an empty lot by stream at the village entrance, is assumed to be 850 years old with the height of 21m and circumference of 7.3m. A tornado damaged a huge ...
[Armed Spy Penetration Route]
In 1968, 31 armed spies of 124th Base of North Korea including Sin-Jo Kim passed 38 Armistice Line aiming to bomb South Koreas Office of the President and to assassinate major leaders. Their routes ...
[Literary Expedition for Novel Taebaek Mountain Ranges]
Novel Taebaek Mountain Ranges depicts the tragedies of Korea' modern history including Yeosun Rebellion and Korean War, in the backgrounds of Wealthy Hyeon Family where Ha-Seop Jeong and Soha fell i...
[Jeongbang Falls]
Everything in Seoguipo including the picture-perfect islands in the open seas of Seoguipo, are beautiful. Extraordinary beauties, however, are westernmost Gangjeongcheon and Beom Island, straightforw...
[Scholars Village]
[Taean Maritime National Park]
Taean Peninsula is a newly-recognized heavenly attraction. With the start of the era of Yellow Sea, Koreas one and only that was established in 1978 forms a beautiful national park around Taean Peni...
[Gusang Literature Center]
Gusang Literature Center was opened to admire Poet Gusang not very far from Chilgok Kumnam Cucumber Flowery Hill Village.
[Jangdeok-ri Ginkgo]
Jangdeok-ri Ginkgo is a natural memorial that is assumed to be 800 years old. In summer, the villagers rest under the tree and make the history of the village. Dukkeobi Rock It is a rock aiming...
[Expo Science Park]
Daejeon Expo Science Park is Koreas one-and-only theme park aiming to continue the wide introduction of ultramodern scientific technology following the closing of Daejeon Expo '93.
[Yeonji Park]
Yeonji Park is 23 acres and has been re-landscaped with convenience facilities, resting facilities, programmed fountains, sound systems and landscapes. The programmed fountains rise up to 30m high wi...
[Cultural Artists' Village]
There are the east's greatest 'Pot-planting Art Center', Dwarves' Theme Land with world's popular architectures and attractions, Chagui Island, Oseollok, Gotjawoal, Raon Golf Field and Suwol Summit Ra...
[Filming Location of "Seopyeonje" ]
Our village is the filming location of "Seopyeonje." The film "Seopyeonje" depicts the sad history of a singing family and their concentration to achieving the ultimate stage of singing on the backgr...
[Oaemok Village]
Oaemok Village is a small fishery village located in the northern coastline of Dangjin. The coastline is projected to the east to have a horizon parallel to that of the East Sea. Therefore, you can ...
[Natures Theme Botanical Garden]
Natures Theme Botanical Garden made of a 880-wide small glass greenhouse is a good attraction and resting place where you can meet various flowers and plants all seasons. In particular, they hav...
[Seongsan Sunrise Point ]
Sinyeong Jeju Museum of Motion Pictures, the Easts first museum of motion pictures, is located by the shores of Keunung, Namwon. If you run along with shoreline road, you can visit many tourists at...
[Yedang Citizens' Recreational Area]
Yedang Recreational Area was started to be organized in 1986 in 14 ha of land in Deungchon-ri and Husa-ri of Eungbong-myeon, Yesan and today, it is accommodated with parking lot, camping ground, grass...
[Mugak Temple]
Tourists attraction near Woomi Artvil include Mugak Temple, 518 Memorial Park, 518 Liberty Park, Students Hall of Culture, Sangmu Citizens Park and Uncheon Reservoir, offering opportunities to leis...
[Oe Island Marine Plantation]
Oe Island Marine Plantation is a marine botanical garden located in Hanrye Marine National Park that is known for the blue southern sea and the magnificent scenery. It is one of many adjacent islands...
[Ilgok Library]
Ilgok Library and Citizens Government Center of Ilgok Community are frequently used by adolescents and women. Nearby attractions include the hiking course to Hansae Summit, National 518 Cemetery, Ga...
[Ssamji Park]
As Koreas Ssamji pocket means, the park implies the meaning of a place where people can get together with warm heart although it is a small place. This park greets the visitors when they arrive at ...
[Seung-Bok Lee Memorial Hall]
Where Lee had to sacrifice his youth crying I hate Communists! You can feel the desperate cry of Seung-Bok Lee reminding you of the cruelty of ideologies that resulted in the division of Korea. ...
[Oncheon River Citizens Park]
Ocheon River sourcing in the valley below Gyemyeon Summit by Beomeo Temple of Geumjeong Mountains passes Geumjeong-gu, Dongrae-gu and Yeonje-gu to flow about 14.1km and meets Suyeong River around Suye...
[Chilgap Mountains Natural Forest]
Chilgap Mountains Natural Forest was established in 1990 by reviving the 70-wide luxuriant natural forest. As todays pollutions threat the life environment, Chilgap Mountains Natural Forest was c...
[Hanil Bank Ganggyeong Branch]
This building was established Hanho Agricultural and Industrial Bank in 1905 with the capital of 500,000 Hwan (Korean currency of the time). As Japan renamed it Chosun Industrial Bank after the colon...
[Namildang Eastern Medicine Pharmacy]
The building prospered when the lower markets of Ganggyeong flourished as it is located in the center of markets. It is the only existing building among those in the photograph of Ganggyeong markets ...
[Bugok-ri Methodist Church]
The early form of church architecture was mostly Korean style as it was settling as a missionary activity. As most Fathers and Pastors were westerners, they started to feel uncomfortable in Korean-st...
[Gaya Mountains Wild Flower Botanical Garden]
Gaya Mountains Wild Flower Botanical Garden is aiming to systematically organize the information on the preservation and development of wild flowers and vitalizes the community economy by increasing t...
[Camellia Forest]
Camellia Forest of Maryang-ri blooms extraordinarily red blossoms from Mar to Apr. At this time, the villagers open Camellia/Squid Festival at the parking lot by the admission booth to the forest w...
[Daea Arboretum]
Daea Arboretum with Koreas largest Dicentra Field is crowded with people from all around the country every year. Dicentra that blooms from late April, adds wondrousness to the gardens. There is a t...
[Seoun Mountains Hiking Course]
Hugged by calm geography of the mountain with the height of 547m above sea level and almost no rocks, it is very suitable for a leisure hiking for the whole family. There are many cultural remains...
[Great Tidal Wetlands]
Muan Tidal Wetlands forming 35.6-wide wetlands in Hyeongyeong-myeon and Haeje-myeon was appointed Korea's first Marsh Protection Zone by Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries for originality and...
[Ganggyeong Labor Union]
As the fishery products of 1920s were mostly distributed to the inland Ganggyeong Port, the scale and power of their Labor Union was significant. Ganggyeong Labor Union was a single local organizati...
[Architectural History]
The modern architectures of Ganggyeong have been erected from late 1900s as the bank revetment of Ganggyeong River was completed. As the business city, the downtown was composed of various shops, fi...
[Home of Yong-Won Kim]
It is combined residential building designed and constructed by a Japanese architect. Constructed by using elegant and delicate lumbers collected from Baekdu Mountains, it displays a relatively high-...
[Birth-home of Queen Gongye]
Queen Gongye was the queen of Koryo's 17th King Injong. She was born in Dangdong Village, Okdang-ri, Gwansan-eup, Jangheung in 1109. Born in Lim Family, she is the only daughter of Won-Hu and only gra...
[Minae Bridge]
Although most old bridges were built in Seouls palace or at the entrance of temples, Minae Bridge was built by the cilivians to vitalize the distribution of goods for their own benefits. Also, as bu...
Sinsun Village has various natural attractions such as various hiking courses,Hwanseon Cavern, Maengbang Beach and Haesindang Park. 1st Course: Jungma-eup Halbaji Geumseongmoegi Pine Forest ...
[Bunting Park]
Mireuk is only 694.5m high, but the ridgeline course and the charming rock cliff course give mood and fun to the mountain hiking.
[Seonun Mountains Provincial Park]
Seonun Mountains Provincial Park that is called Naegeumgang of Honam is Korea's well-known tourists' attraction with its heavenly natural environments and sceneries. There are temples, various cultur...
[Nonsan ganggyeongport cybertown]
Ongnyeo Summit has beautiful scenery with the formation resembling an elegantly sitting beautiful lady. With a hundreds of years old zelcova tree, the scenery is very beautiful. It is well-known as ...
[Donghak Memorial Park]
To commemorate the history of Donghak Troop's defeating the governmental troop crying for anti-West and anti-Feudalism on Apr 21. 1894, Donghak Memorial Park was organized by a nationwide fund-raising...
[Hyundai Samho Heavy Industry ]
Hyundai Samho Heavy Industry specializes in shipbuilding and maritime construction. As Koreas one-and-only shipbuilder, they are ranked in 5th place worldwide.
[Geomun Island Tour]
Lighthouses, tombs of British soldiers, Yurim Beaches, Four-Generation Devotion and Integrity Gate of Sir Yang-Rok Kim (Pen name: Manhoe), Sir Gyureuns Shrine and Baek Island are the tourists attrac...
[Koryo Blue Porcelain Kilns]
Koryo Blue Porcelain Kilns of Gangjin are scattered in Daegu-myeon and Samgeung-ri of Chiryang-myeon. Ever since the Koryo Porcelain Kilns were exposed to the public in 1914, many scholars who are int...
[Cheongju Zoo ]
It is the live education center for observing the ecology of animals through raising and displaying animals that are impossible to see usually in the wild.
[Birth-home of the president Jung-hee Park]
The president Jung-hee Park (19171979) who ran 5th ~ 9th presidency was born in this building. He was born in November 14th, 1917 between Sung-bin Park, the father, and Nam Baek, the mother. He had 5...
[General Shin Yu's relics]
As North Kyungsan province monument No. 38 (Aug.4th, 1982), it is a shrine of General Shin Yu (1619~1680) designated , under the reign of King Hyojong in the Choson dynasty.
[Hwan Sun Cave]
Once upon a time, a beautiful woman had a bath at a small pond and waterfall around candle rock right above Day-ri village.One day, village people followed her , and big rocks rolled over with thunder...
[Youngdae Nature-forest resort]
It is located aroung top of the Chinbooryeng in the Taebaek Mountain Range that is the back of the Korean Peninsula and it is contiguous to 46 road that connects to National park Seolak Mt and East Se...
[Migratory birds habitat of Geum river ]
Geum river estuary bank, which has been constructed for 8 years with 100 billion won, was built completely in 1990. It was one of the development plans of Farm and Fishing Village Improvement Company,...
[Mt. Chiri Natural Recreation Forest ]
In Spring, under the remained snow on the Byeokso peak, we can enjoy the beauty of Sanbuk tree and the smell of Gorosoi.
[Pohang Gigye Myeon West forest ]
The forest was built by Mal-Dong Lee during retirement to protect against damage from storm and flood. It is smaller nowadays than previously but it consists of natural pine trees.
[Seongjubong natural resort ]
Seongjubong natural resort is located in mountain 50, Namgok ri, Eunchuk myun. It started in April, 1998 to build the resort, total 1,930,000,000. It was completed in 2 P.M June 29, 2001.
[Geundangsil Doldamgil]
Kyungsangbookdo Yechungun Yongmunmyun Sanggeumgokri(behind office)
[Gumwon Mountain Natural Rest Forest ]
Gumwon Mountain is a branch of Deokyu Mountain located in Sangcheon-Ri, Uicheon-Myeon. It was main mountain of Kamum and Gohyeon, old cities.
[Woopo Swamp]
Woopo swamp, Koreas biggest natural swamp, spreads over 4 villages of Daehap, Ibang, Youeo, etc in Changnyeong, Kyunsangnamdo. It covers an area of seven hundred thousand pyengs (1 pyeng is 3.306 x ...
[The small park of 38th parallel line]
The peaceful mind that can be provided by the grass field The grass of Yeoncheon is very popular in Korea. The grass of Yeoncheon is delicate in color and in size. The density of the grass is high a...
[Eulji Observation Platform]
Eulji Observation Platform built on the 31st May in 1988 is the greatest fierce battle field in the central front in those days of the Korean War, 6.25 and the front line security sightseeing located ...
[Waryongam(Laid dragon rock)]
Waryongam is the rock in the shape of laid dragon on the water where Youngpyungchon and Suibchun meet. It is one of the most beautiful places out of 8 Youngpyung scenes. It was little damaged in time ...
[Seungri (victory) Observation Platform ]
Seungri Observation Platform possible to see the North Korean region at a look is opened to public. It is seen the railroad went into Geumgangsan as well as the movable sight of North Korean soldiers ...
[Byeokgye-seodang (Korean traditional school)]
Hi, how do you do? I am Chang Seok-hyeon who is in charge of Byeokgye-seodang as a principal. Welcome to Byeokgye-seodang. I wish peace be with you and your family always.
[Soback-san OkNyeoBong(peak) Recreation Forest ]
(peak) Recreation Forest is good place to enjoy the green sauna. There are many facilities for tourists for example, bungalows, camping site, community kitchen and parking lot. There are neighboring s...
[Kanggoo Port]
Ganggu is famous for being the main place that produces Yeongdeok crab and is the crossing point of 50 streams that go 40 km to the ocean. And it is also famous for being the gathering place of Yeongd...
[Yeongcheon 5day-market]
It is famous as "The Three Market in Yongnam area" with Taegu herb market, Andong market. It is the best market place where most of trader in Kyungbuk area have visited.
[Chunyang Tree]
This tree is named Chunyang because it is usually found in Chunyang. It grows in a particular climate of Chunyang and the adjacent areas.
[Taeha Beacon]
A brisk 40 minutes walk along a mountain path above Hwangto cave will take you to Tadha beacon. Along the path to the beacon are more than 50 years old ocean pine trees and ocean chrysanthemum.
[Gachim birch village]
Gachim birch at Gwanchon-myeon, Imsil is a broad-leaf tree which belongs to the rose family. It grows up only in China, Manju, and Korea. 4 sorts of Gachim birch are found in China and Manju and 1 sor...
[Jangsung Park]
Chungyang has a lot of legend related to totem pole(Jangsung), and hold Jangsung ceremony, so as to be the most place for Jangsung well preserved.
[The third tunnel]
The third tunnel found by Korean army in 1978 is located in the point which is 12 km far from Munsan and 52 km far from Seoul.
[Mt. Mansu Forest]
The forest is located under Mt. Mansu(575m above the sea) that is seated at the end of the Cha-ryung Mountains, and geographical feature of the forest is gracefully formed with 8 valleys that look lik...
[Gamsungri heron habitat]
Gamseongri heron habitat is located Youngigun Gumnammyun Gamseong San 3-1, 4-1 and it was appointed as protected area for birds and beast from Chosun period until now. When herons are gathered much, a...
[Jeonju Arboretum ]
Jeonju arboretum of Korea Highway Cooperation, which is located beside Jeonju tollbooth of Honam expressway, is not known well to the public, but it is known well to biologists and university students...
Length is 450m, width is 11.7m, height is 62m, and total construction cost is 17.9billion 5.4million. Korean complex development corporation was designed and DAERIM Industry and SAMSUNG Heavy Industry...
[Hamsang Park]
Introduction of Hamsang Park Warship thema park which gives new experience of culture opened first in the Orient onside of Sapgyo Resort Area.
[Jangseung park in Dong-gu ]
It is the inveterate folk religious object of Koreans which has been transmitted for 2000years and it has a savage looking and ridiculous face while played a role of driving away the minor demons and ...
[Ganggyeong Tourism]
Kwanchok Temple - Standing of Mireuk Buddist Image of stone, the biggest statue in Korea was started to sculptured in 19 year of Korye Kwangjong(968) and completed in 9 year of Mikjong(1006)
[Mt. Youngin natural forest ]
Mt. Youngin is located in northwestern Chungnam and the name was derived from the belief that the mountain had have a clean bright atmosphere.
[Baeksu Coast Highway ]
Baeksu Coast Highway is a total of 18km ria coast along with from the Won Buddhism sacred site in Gilyong Li to Honggok Li. Beautiful scenes are spreaded like a panorama including turtle-shaped rock, ...
[Sotdae Jangseung park ]
This park was constructed as one of the country park projects, essential projects for local self-government in order to emphasize the history of Sotdae Island having traditional agricultural village, ...
[Moduljari farm resort ]
This is the place that anyone worn with city life would like to visit. Clear air, quiet atmosphere clean and neat environment makes us feel comfortable. Clear and clean valley flew from Ami Mountain a...
[Duc San Do Ryp Park ]
It was appointed as provincial park in 1973. Its location including Sa Chun Ry, Dun Ry, Sang Ga Ry, Kwang Chun Ry, Si Yang Ry, Duc San Myun, Ye San Kun.
[Chunhwang temple]
If you pass Chunhwang temples ticket office, you feel as if you are invited to the Heavens. After climbing up slowly for 10 minutes, you will reach Chunhwangsaji, which is at Wind Valley. Chunhwang t...
[Yongbong Mountain Natural Recreation Forest ]
Therere plentiful of national treasures, such as old temple Yongbongsa, Maaeseokbul, a stone statue of Buddha, pictures of Buddha, etc., and, because the shape of the mountain resembles a head of dra...
[Mystery Road ]
It is called The Mystery Road or Bogy Road where cars are pushed up the uphill instead of going down the downhill. This is caused by optical illusion by surrounding makes the road sloped.
[Cable car ]
It is the longest cable car in Korea, has double line and was opened in 1967. It was originally installed for the purpose of transportation to synthetic resort planned for being composed in the near ...
[Gymnyeong maze park]
An American professor served in Cheju university estimated Gymnyeong Mazepark according to the design of Edrin Fisher famous maze designer, in 1987. This park is the unique maze park representing foli...
[Biseul mountain natural rest forest]
It is located at before enter the entrance of Yongyeon temple from about 2km of reservoir that is situated to Giseri, Oakpomyun.
[Sung Eup Folk Village ]
Seongeup-ri was originally governed as 3 Hyun(1410~1914), Jung Eu Hyuns seat of government has well preserved villages traditional marks of eastern village. There are a lot of cultural properties ar...
[ToingilJunmangdea (Tower of the unification)]
70m-high Tongiljunmangdea, where DMZ and northern border line of south Korea, shows Goosunbong and Heagumgang of Gumgangsan.
The Korean national railroad selected the characteristic province and operates the tour train monthly. This tour has a theme to experience the agricultural culture, and meet indigenous products.
[Daejeon zoo]
-Opening time is divided into Winter and Summer seasons. -Winter season: from November to the end of February -Summer season: from March to the end of October -In the period of main memorial days a...
[Pohang Homigot Barley Farmland]
Barley is the main crop in Homigot. It is harvested between May and early June. Barley produced in this region is labeled as 'Homigot Glutinous Barley' and sold at high prices in local large discount ...
[Camping site for the youth]
The Iwon youth campground opened in 1983 and has been highlighted as a good place for the youth in Okchun as well as Chungcheongbuk-do.
[Chungpung lake fountain]
Lake fountain was built according to the plan 'Tourism Vision 21', the governmental long-term tourism resource development project. It is the largest fountain ever in Asia because of which Chungpung l...
[International Ginseng Market]
The Keumsan International Ginseng Market is the largest Ginseng market in the nation. It specializes in a variety of Baeksam at the 180 shops permanently established all year round.
[Maehwa Maul ]
In spring, Maehwa maul nestled near the Seomjin River at the foot of Mt. Baekun directs the glittering scene with white flowers of plum blossoms as if snowflakes were fluttering down in winter.
[Seolseong Park]
Eupnae-ri, Eumseong-eup in Eumseong-kun (formerly Public Stadium)
[Yongyeon Resort Forest]
Driving north along National Road No. 7 from downtown Gangrung, turn left at the traffic light immediately past the Sacheon-myon office. This resort forest is located at Sagimak-ri, Sacheon-myon. It w...
[Jangsung Park (Park of Totem Poles)]
In Jangsung Park, totem poles of diverse figures greet visitors.
[Munbae Village]
Walking up for about 40 minutes along the right ridge from the entrance to Gugok Falls, a village appears in a basin resembling a mountain summit. This is Munbae Village.
[Hwagaejangto (Traditional Market)]
Hwagae Village rests where the clean waters flowing from Mt. Jiri meet with the Somjin River. Hwagaejangto connects Kyoungsangnam-do and Chollanam-do.
Imjinkak, located in the northernmost end of Tongillo stretching through Kupabal, is the place on which the grief over the Korean War and the antagonism between two Koreas were branded.
[Riverside of Nakdong River ]
Our village, sitting downstream for about 1,300-ri of the Nakdong River, is praised most by rail passengers traveling over the Seoul-Pusan line for our beautiful natural scenery from among all the are...
Ganjeolgot is the place where the sun first rose on the northeast Asian continent on the first morning of the new millennium at 7:31 a.m. It is a representative tourist attraction in Ulsan, where 2 mi...
[Jungoe Park (Biennial Exhibition Hall)]
Jungoe Park in which the Biennial is being held, is the cultural belt enclosed by the Seokwangju IC, the Children's Grand Park and the Kwangju High School of Physical Education. It includes the Kwangj...
[Dalsong Oriental Arborvitae Forest]
About 2km away from Bulro-dong towards the east, stands Mt. Hyang. On the north of the mountain a thick forest covers slopes that rise about 100m to cliffs that jut about 60m high.
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