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Theme Sightseeing [ Museum ]
[Mungyeong Coal Museum]
Mungyeong Coal Museum
[Yemil museum]
You can explore the whole literary world of Nango Kimsatgat.
[Municipal Museum]
It has gone through some complication like changing names from Agricultural museum, designed for displaying regarding the things of agriculture in 1997,
[Modern Art Gallery ]
Jeju Modern Art Gallery , located in Jeoji Culture and Art Village in Jeju si Hangyeong Myun, has A main building, over ground 2F, and a branch building, over ground 1F. It is a complex cultural sp...
[Animation Museum]
Based on the beautiful surroundings of Chuncheon and Chuncheon Ani town Festival ( CAF) that has been held since 1997, Animation museum, the gross area is 902 pyung with under ground ,1F, and over ...
[Chocolate Museum]
Though this museum is located in the Agriculture and Industry complex, is not grand and splendid, but it is a special chocolate museum, small size, well harmonized with Jeju’slandscape.
[Honbul Museum]
Saga novel “Honbul” that significantly influenced the Korean literature in the end of 20th century introduced new aspect of ecological literature in Korean modern literature. Also it clearly recovered...
[Jincheon Bell Museum]
Jincheon Bell Museum Introduction Jincheon Bell Museum was opened in September 2009, in order to publicize the artistic value and excellence of bells of Korea acknowledged worldwide, through Korean ...
Gosung dinosaur museum opened November 9. 2004, is a specialized museum of dinosaur built in the place where many fossils of dinosaur were found, and provides the chances to see everything regarding d...
[Udo Museum]
Udo Museum opened on September 1, 2003 to offer learning experiences in Jeju Special Self-governing Province and exhibit various fossils and minerals that are only found overseas.
[National Gongju Museum]
The development of National Gongju Museum started with Gongju Historical Preservation Association, which was organized by the people of Gongju to protect the cultural heritage of Baekje during the Jap...
[Chungnam Forestry Museum]
Chungnam Forestry Museum is dedicated to preserving and exhibiting the forestry resources while educating its visitors. As the first local forestry museum (opened in late October 1997), it is located...
[Mt. Gyeryong Museum of Natural History]
Korea’s first restoration of Brachiosaurus, which was discovered in the Morrison Strata of Wyoming, is a precious fossil that is only exhibited in three museums throughout the world. About 85% preser...
[Seokjang-ri Museum]
Seokjang-ri historical relics are precious resources that taught us that the first group of people in the Korean Peninsula dates back to the Old Stone Age, long before the Civilization of Dangun (the ...
[National Cheongju Museum]
National Cheongju Museum opened on October 30, 1987 to research and exhibit Chungbuk’s cultural heritage and to revitalize the characteristics of the local culture through various educational programs...
[Korean Melon Ecology Center]
Seongju-gun of Gyeongbuk is the town of Korean melon. “Korean Melon Ecology Center” recently opened to show everything about Korean melon and offer related experience programs.
[Oh! Seollok Museum]
It is Korea’s first tea museum. Its official name is “Seollok Tea Museum Oh! Seollok.” It was established by Amore Pacific Corporation, which produces Seollok Tea, in September 2001.
[Chocolate Museum]
Chocholate Museum is situated inside Daejeong Agricultural Complex at Ilgwa-ri Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo. Neither magnificent nor colorful, this humble museum harmonizes with the natural environment of ...
[Joseon Folk Painting Museum]
Joseon Folk Painting Museum opened on July 29, 2000 in celebration of Yeongwol Dong River Raft Festival.
[Muksan Art Museum]
Muksan Art Museum is located at San-605 Waseok-ri Hadong-myeon, by the entrance to Gimsatgat Valley, surrounded by Janggun Peak and Great King Sejong Rock.
[Bangsan Porcelain Museum]
Bangsan-myeon of Yanggu has been a popular porcelain producer since the Goryeo Dynasty.
[Baekje Culture and History Center]
Baekje Culture and History Center shows the history and culture of Baekje at a glance. Baekje marked a cultural height in the Korean Peninsula through the Hanseong, Ungjin, and Sabi eras. Baekje Cul...
[Native Wild Flower Donggurae Complex]
Located by the hiking course along the cool valley, the wild flower complex has about 50 species of wild flowers, including adonis, dicentra, columbine, and bellflower.
[insect a museum ]
At Gyeongryang-ri Seolcheon-myeon, about KRW 9.5 billion of national and military funds were invested to establish a 3,305㎡ building (1 basement level and 1 ground level) for the Insect Museum.
[Photography Museum]
Yeongwol declared to be ‘Donggang Photography Village’ on September 1, 2001 and became the new base of Korea’s photography culture by successfully holding ‘Donggang Photography Festival’ in the summer...
[Gangwon Museum]
Gangwon Museum was established by Daejin Educational Foundation in December 2004 and its building uses various ancient architectural styles from the East and the West.
[Sangju Bicycle Museum]
View the History of Bicycles at a glance.” Korea’s first Sangju Bicycle Museum has become a local landmark. Bicycle Museum was established on October 26, 2002 at a 500㎡ old school site in Namjang-don...
[Attraction (Jeong, Gyeong Ja Art Museum)]
Jeong, Gyeong Ja, a female painter, is not very renowned in Korea. She was mostly active in Japan and France for about 30 years. She returned to Korea in the mid-1990s and settled in Yangpyeong of G...
[Farm tool Exhibition]
We collected 200 kinds of farm tools and life equipments which had almost disappeared with the development of technology and opened the Farm Tool Exhibition.
[Women’s Life Museum ]
Women’s Life Museum (Chaehyeon Natural Dye Research Lab) The old school building of the Gangnam branch of Gangcheon Elementary School is used to exhibit living appliances, accessories, and natural dy...
[Soapberry Tree and Nettle Tree Colony]
Inside ‘Mt. Jeoldong’ which is located in the southern part of Yusuam-ri Village, Aewol-eup, there is a colony of soapberry and nettle trees. This colony is designated as Jejudo Treasure No.6 in Apri...
[Jeju Race Park]
○ Location : 1206 Yusuam-ri, Aewol-eup, North Jeju-gun, Jeju Island ○ Contact Info : 064-746-8440 ○ Parking Fee : None (Parking facility of 100 cars)
[Park, Su Geun Art Center]
Park, Su Geun Art Center was established in a 661㎡ land at painter Park, Su Geun’s birthhome in October 2001. He commemorates the artistic view and lifestyle of Park and restudies Park’s life and art...
[Prehistoric Museum]
Yanggu Prehistoric Museum exhibits the Paleolithic relics from Sangmuryong-ri of Yanggu-eup, Neolithic relics from the coast side, and the relics from the Bronze Age. It displays the long history of ...
[Donghak Agricultural Revolution Memorial Hall ]
Donghak Agricultural Revolution Memorial Hall Although “Kabo Donghak Agricultural Revolution” that had started from an uprising of the peasants in Gobu in January of 1894 failed with thousands of vi...
[Orchid Exhibition Hall]
The orchids that are constantly loved by many people who know the soft and subtle beauty of them symbolized the aloof spirits of Korean scholars in the old times.
[Namnong Memorial Hall]
Namnong Memorial Hall, located 91 Yonghae-dong, Mokpo near Gatbaui and The Hall of Native Culture, was established by Sir Geon Heo (pen name: Namnong), the master of Southern Chinese Painting and the ...
[Jeonbuk Provincial Art Center]
Jeonbuk Provincial Art Center is the major space of arts and culture in Jeollabuk-do, the province of traditional culture, and was started to be constructed in December 2001 and opened in October 2004...
[The Hall of Culture and Arts]
The Mokpo Hall of Culture and Arts is located in 12 Yongdang-dong, Mokpo. It was built on a 3.3ha land in a four-story 5,950㎡ building in September of 1997 and stands by the sea in front of The Hall ...
[The Korean National Maritime Museum]
As Korea is a peninsular country, the people of Korea have always regarded the seas as the home of life and culture and resource of the future.
[Mokpo Natural History Museum]
Mokpo Natural History Museum is an attraction of Mokpo, a city of culture and arts in magnificent natural environment and is Korea’s largest natural history museum.
[Moka Buddhist Museum]
Moka Buddist Museum is a museum which exhibits 6,000 Buddhist items collected by Moka Chan-Su Park, who is the 108th intangible asset (Wood sculpture).
[Okgwa Art Gallery]
Okgwa Art Gallery in Jeonnam Province was founded by artist Asan Jobangwon who contributed 6,800 collections and 14 thousand ㎡ at 1988 to Jeonranam Province. And for development of national culture a...
[Jachaebanga Museum]
We often think a mill is a place to make rice cakes but it is a place to pound rice.
[Julok Village Theme Sightseeing - Moka Buddhist Museum]
Moka Buddist Museum is a museum which exhibits 6,000 Buddhist items collected by Moka Chan-Su Park, who is the 108th intangible asset (Wood sculpture).
[Julok Village Theme Sightseeing - Birth house of Queen Myeongseong]
As the queen of King Gojong, 26th king of Joseon, she promoted opening and reform while maintaining our independence with her excellent diplomacy during the period of opening but ended her life by Jap...
[Museum of Farming History]
The budget of this museum comes from the border support project and various projects and is used to build a new 50 pyeong museum building to exhibit information about farming. (Scheduled)
[The Jeamri Patriotic Site of the 3.1 Movement]
Korea had been colonized by Japan for 35 years from 1910. The nonviolent independent protest that most of the Koreans rose against the Japanese colonization and sought for an independent in 1919 was c...
[Yu, Gwan-Sun Patriot Museum]
Yu, Gwan-Sun Patriot was born at Yongdu-li, Byeongcheon-myeon in 1902, and came back to her house for the 3.1 Independence Movement, from Yihwa school. She led the Awunae independent movement on April...
[Independence Hall of Korea]
Independence Hall of Korea was built on Aug, 15, 1987 on 1,200,000 pyeong land of Namhwa-li, Mokcheon-eup with nations’ donation money to study the Korea history of hardship and the history that have ...
[Memorial Hall of Independence]
Memorial Hall of Independence displays how Koreans overcame the national crises and developed its country to contribute to the clear nationalism and of Koreans. In Nov 1982, Memorial Hall of Independe...
[Gyeon An’s Memorial Hall]
A memorial hall established in Oct 1991 to admire the nature-loving philosophy of Gyeon An of Seosan, the master of Korean painting who established the landscape paintings in early Chosun Dynasty, to ...
[Jewelry Museum]
Iksan Jewelry Museum uses the tourists’ resources of Baekje's cultural remains such as the stone tower of Mireuk Temple Ruins and 5-story stone tower of Wanggung-ri, so that the tourists can not only ...
[Forest Museum]
Under the theme of "Living MountainsㆍMountains of LifeㆍMountains of Eternity," a forest museum was established on the foothill of Naejang Mountains, a noted mountains of Honam. It is Korea’s fourth f...
[Ulju Local History Office]
Ulju Local History Office opened on Dec 21. 2001 is used as an open learning center where Ulju Cultural Center (President Du-Cheol Lee) collected and displayed all folk cultural assets of Koreans foun...
[Yeongil Folk Museum]
It exhibits total of 4,600 pieces of folk resources including the pots, agricultural and fishery tools and ritual equipments and is used as a native cultural education center.
[Mungyeong Porcelain Exhibition Center]
To succeed the vein of traditional ceramic art and to advertise the superiority of Mungyeong Porcelain, a 1260yd2-wide porcelain exhibition center is established on 3 acres of land in Jinan-rim Mungye...
[Moga Museum]
This is a private professional Buddhist museum established on Jun 12. 1993 for the development of Korea’s traditional wood craft and the succession of Buddhist Art. The construction began in February...
[Hyeonam Agricultural Relics Museum]
Hyeonam Agricultural Relics Museum with the square footage of 4,500ft2 is established to excavate and preserve the agricultural relics and divided into various exhibition sections including Presentati...
[Yeomiji Botanical Garden]
It is the East’s best botanical garden with precious plants of the world and strong fragrances of southern lands.
[Local Museum]
Yeongi Local History Museum studies and records folk game tools, origin of names, legends, myths and customs of our region, so that the new generations can learn the history of our region and feel the...
[Geoscience Museum]
Geoscience Museum is Korea’s first specialized Geoscience museum that was established in 1997 for systematic and professional exhibition and management. You can visit 2000 pieces of fossils, minerals...
[Peace Museum]
Peace Museum exhibits land packer for caverns, lighting equipments, measurers, cameras, vibrators, telescopes and bullet boxes possessed by President Lee’s father (84) who too charge of military suppl...
[Gyeonggi Provincial Museum]
Current president Taek-Ju Lee, who was once in construction business, formed the land and established the facilities from 1979 to officially open this largest private botanical garden of Korea in 1984...
[Jeongseok Center of Aviation]
Korea’s first ‘Circle Vision’ that projects 3-D pictures with 9 projectors emitting laser beams in 360° angle displays the beautiful views and unique customs from all around the world and Ventura (cap...
[Daeseong-dong Museum]
The main theme of Daeseong-dong Museum is the life-size restoration of cavalry and a knight based on the bones found at Yeoan-ri Tomb. Considering the ancient funeral, there are the restorations of t...
[Agricultural Museum]
It is a natural education site for children and adolescents by showing the past, present and future of Korea’s agricultural culture. The visitors can learn the agricultural remains and cultures of th...
[Namnong Memorial Hall]
Museums of Mokpo Yuldo Laver Village include Namnong Memorial Hall, National Maritime Relics Museum and Orchids Park.
[Geoje Sea Village Folk Museum]
It preserves and exhibites the traditional culture and fishery history of Geoje sea villages to provide learning site for students, a resting place for urban-dwellers and a good opportunity for the to...
[Ski Museum]
Korea Ski Museum is where you can see the development of Korea’s skiing culture. Related references such as trophies, honorary certificates, medallions and medals and information on Korea’s ancient s...
[Marine museum]
It is Yellow Sea’s greatest maritime museum displaying 150,000 pieces of sea animals including world’s rare species and existing species. It is an open learning center where the curious children can ...
[Cheongsong Folk Museum]
By examining, studying, preserving and exhibiting the folk culture of Cheongsong, we help the visitors understand the formation of native cultures and have a social education site and rest place aimin...
[Migratory Birds Observatory Deck]
Migratory Birds Observatory Deck located in the migratory birds’ habitat of Geum River is where you can thoroughly observe the migratory birds and Geum River. In winter, you can visit the indoor exhi...
[Yeongsan Lake Agricultural Museum]
Jeollanam Province is treasuring splendid agricultural culture through its warm climate and fertile fields. Agricultural Museum was opened in 1993 to always remember the old lifestyles of our people ...
[National Cheongju Museum ]
National Cheongju Museum was established in 1987 for preserving, researching, displaying and teaching cultural assets of Chungbuk Province in the east of Mt.Uam and is classified into Exhibit Hall No....
[Manhae Museum]
Manhae, Han Yong-Woon is the poet who lived with religious spirit and long cherished-desire to the restoration of independence.Manhae Museum was built to memorize his racial sprit and patriotism
[Marine museum ]
Seocheon marine museum", in which 150,000 marine living creatures including rare fishes and existing fishes are exhibited, is the biggest museum in the world. It can be the best ...
[Donghakgyodang Exhibition ]
Donghakkyungjeon, Donghakgasa like these complete works series 100, Donghakkyungseo woodcut 131, Donghakgasa woodcut etc. 67, 792 sheets are in the pavilion (196.83㎡).
[Gangwha historic hall]
There are many historic sites in Gangwha such as Jeonjeokji, palaces, etc and it takes quite long to see all of them. Before coming here get some information about what historic sites are there and de...
[Kyeongbo Fossil Museum]
Go along the national road 7 about 13.9km toward Pohang and you will find Kyeongbo Rest Area. This is the first and the biggest museum specializing in fossils in Korea.
[Geochang Museum]
Geochang Museum built as 2 floor traditional Korean-style house structure where people can see the history of Geochang at a glance is located in 216-5, Kimcheon-ri, Geochang-eup
[Chanyung Museum]
Changnyeong museum exhibit about seven hundreds antiquities of 240 kinds mainly collected from old tombs like Gyodonggobun, Songhyundonggobun, Gyesunggobun in Changnyeong area such as weapons, horse e...
[Baksugeun Museum]
Painter, Su-Geun Park, came from this district is a world artist more well-known to other countries rather than the Korea as popular painter who expressed Korean emotion through matiere techniques fel...
[Haegang Porcelain Cultural Center ]
Haegang Porcelain Cultural Center was established under the purport of developing and succeeding the Korean traditional ceramic art by the late Haekang Keunhyung Yu and his son Kwangyeol Yu. It intend...
[Memorial Park for DaeHanKwangBokDan ]
DaeHan-KwangBokDan(Punggi-KwangBokDan): When Korea seized by Japan, there were many associations for Independence Movement. DaeHanKwangBokDan, one of the typical associations, was organized in Punggi....
[Yeongcheon folk museum]
Yeongcheon folk museum is opened in 1992, and it has all things for wedding ceremony and houseware, farm tools, ancient books, kinds of coins and many other folk things of Yeongcheon area.
[Ogung gallery]
Kim Han-Chang (ex-chief of Ogung-ri gallery), who is not only a monk but also a religious painter, began decorating abandoned schools as cultural spaces with local artists.
The fishery is occupied 40 % of CHUNRANAMDO and CHUNRANAMDO is the first fishery city in Korea. So, it runs fishery science center for keeping the fishing culture and develop it.
[Space & Air Museum]
In the Space & Air Museum established on a 42,000 square meter site owned by the company there are interior exhibit halls such as Air Hall and Security Hall and an exterior exhibit hall displaying 1...
[Greenhouse ]
It was the first privately run greenhouse in Korea. It is synthetic greenhouse designed by Tea-Seong Jeong, president of Seong Chang Company in September. 1969 to provide resting place to Busan citize...
[Onyang folk museum ]
Onyang folk museum, lcated in Gwungok-dong, exhibits a collection of folklore data and exhibits that portrait the Korean’s lifestyle and let people feel the sentiments of the Korean traditional cultur...
[Korean fresh-water fish ecology museum]
'Korean Native Fresh-water Fish Ecology Museum (400㎡)' used as a learning site for observing, studying and researching the characteristics of Korean fresh-water fish is located near the resting place ...
[Agricultural Museum]
As a part of long-term plan of Mundang town the agricultural museum is built next to the environment friendly agricultural center using wood and yellow earth.
[Je-Ju University Museum ]
The museum displays mainly after era remains in prehistoric room, islanders’ households displayed in ethnic room, discovered and purchased potteries, and paintings are in art room, and stones, almost ...
[Ocean museum ]
Hwajinpo ocean museum is total area of 236pyoung(869.47m²) and 3 stories building. Its 1st and 2nd floor has 1,500 rare kinds of clam, crustacea, coral, fossil, and stuffed animal and total of 40,000 ...
[National Kongju Museum ]
The Natinal Gongju Museum originated in Gongju Historic Spot Preservation Association founded in 1935, while Gongju Historic Hyeonchang Association was organized in 1940, where Chungcheong-do governme...
[Sin Young Movie Museum ]
Thick subtropical forest, and stunning view of coastline, amazingly beautiful surrounding, and fresh air makes resting place as itself, plottage of this land is totally 30,000pyung and the building si...
[Lighthouse Museum]
This museum, the first lighthouse museum in Korea, is located at Daebo-myon, Nam-gu, Pohang city, Kyoungsangbuk-do.
[Native Remains Exhibition]
In the exhibition room of Native Remains Exhibition center, there are clothes, usual utensil, earthenware and metallic tools.
[Hahoe Village Art Center ]
This center is in the site of a mineral spring located near an archery field at the rear of Okryujeong, standing at the entrance to Hahoe Village.
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