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Yeongsan Lake Agricultural Museum

Jeollanam Province is treasuring splendid agricultural culture through its warm climate and fertile fields.  Agricultural Museum was opened in 1993 to always remember the old lifestyles of our people by collecting, preserving and displaying the traditional agricultural relics that are disappearing in the waves of modernization.  In 7.3acre property, the 1acre-wide museum is separated into <Main Hall>, <Agricultural Hall> and <Outdoor Exhibition> displaying various traditional agricultural tools along with the development of agriculture, four-season views of farming, modern agriculture and the scenes from old farms.   

[ Exhibitions ]
- Exhibition Room I: Prehistoric Agriculture, Historic Agriculture, Spring and Summer Farming
- Exhibition Room II: Autumn Farming, Winter Life
- Exhibition Room III: Development and Future of Yeongsan River Area ※ Tourists’ InformationIn order to help the tourists, there are 『Summarized Information』 and 「Guidance Pamphlet」for each exhibition room explicitly describing the exhibitions with photographs.  Also, 「On-site Experience Learning Book」 is distributed to students at no charge to improve the information provision and education.

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