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Baekje Culture and History Center
Baekje Culture and History Center shows the history and culture of Baekje at a glance.  Baekje marked a cultural height in the Korean Peninsula through the Hanseong, Ungjin, and Sabi eras.  Baekje Culture and History Center intends to revive and restore Baekje history and culture in modern perspectives and introduce the hidden values of Baekje to the world.  It is gathering, preserving, studying and providing resources and information on Baekje's history and culture and using high-tech video system and exhibition media to provide visitors with accurate knowledge on Baekje's roles and history.  Its purpose is to become the Mecca of Baekje culture and museum.  It is located at Baekje Historical Restoration Complex at Hapjeong-ri Gyuam-myeon Buyeo-gun (to be completed in 2010) and is a three-story (including one basement), 8,796㎡ building.  The exhibition space is divided into Exhibition Hall 1, Exhibition Hall 2, Exhibition Hall 3, Exhibition Hall 4, Planning/Exhibition Room, Brass Incense Burner Theater, and Children's Experience Center.


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