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Sangju Bicycle Museum

○ “View the History of Bicycles at a glance.” Korea’s first Sangju Bicycle Museum has become a local landmark.  Bicycle Museum was established on October 26, 2002 at a 500㎡ old school site in Namjang-dong.  About 15,000 people have visited this place so far, and 500-600 people come here daily on weekends and holidays.
A bicycle with a small and a large wheel stands in front of the building to indicate the Bicycle Museum.  The 453㎡ museum exhibits a total of 40 different types of bicycle.  This includes 7 old types of bicycle, including the wooden bicycles, about 20 different types of bizarre-looking bicycle, and 10 types of modern bicycle.  The exhibition also includes six experience units, such as“Bicycle Power Generator” and “Bicycle Seesaw,” in which you can actually ride the bicycle.
You can also encounter Sangju City’s original bronze bicycle as well as the souvenir shop.  (About 30 bicycles at the exhibition show the history of bicycles at a glance.  The wooden bicycle from Germany (1813) is already the most popular item in the exhibition.  The primitive form of bicycle had its wheels attached to a wooden horse and was registered as “Draisine” in France five years after its invention.  Sangju City implemented a thorough investigation to restore this bicycle.)
Other unique bicycles include the electric bicycle, art bicycle with various decorations on chrome-plated wheels, World Cup bicycle with soccer ball wheels, and Monkey bicycle that is about 50㎝ in length and height.
People in Sangju own 85,000 bicycles, which represent about two bicycles per household.  This is four times the average number of bicycles per household in Korea (0.5 bicycle).  In Downtown Sangju, each household has 3-4 bicycles.  Sangju has been holding “National Bicycle Festival” every October since 1999 to encourage bicycle riding while introducing the city to the world.

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