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Women’s Life Museum

Women’s Life Museum (Chaehyeon Natural Dye Research Lab)

The old school building of the Gangnam branch of Gangcheon Elementary School is used to exhibit living appliances, accessories, and natural dyed clothing.

The museum offers programs of natural dyeing, tea manner, and traditional plays.

The museum was built by Natural Dyer Min-Jeong Lee, who started exhibiting 3000 remains in regard to life of women, which she has collected for 30 years, on June 2, 2001. The museum also serves as Chaehyeon Natural Dye Research Lab. Not only are remains of the women of the old days exhibited but also the museum possesses woodenware, clothing, accessories, furniture, and utensils.

The museum sits in the closed school building of Gangcheon Elementary School of Gangcheon-myeon and there are a tea manner classroom, a traditional dyes exhibition hall, an art works exhibition hall, Somssibang, and a break room on the first floor, and photographs of wild flowers and dyeing materials are exhibited on the corridor. On the second floor, there is an exhibition hall of traditional clothing and accessories, furniture, and living appliances and other general remains besides children’s clothing and utensils are exhibited.

The museum held a women’s art festival in 2004, opened special exhibitions and a dyeing school to popularize natural dyes, and held a kimchi festival and experience school. During the weekends, national classical musicians and celebrities have performances. The museum is located in Gulam-ri, Gangcheon-myeon, Gyeonggi-do.

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