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Park, Su Geun Art Center

Park, Su Geun Art Center

Park, Su Geun Art Center was established in a 661㎡ land at painter Park, Su Geun's birthhome in October 2001.  He commemorates the artistic view and lifestyle of Park and restudies Park's life and arts as the major cultural space of the locality.  It also possesses and exhibits various relics, sketches, drawings, printmaking, and illustrations of Park.


Visitor's Information


* Summer (Mar ~ Oct): 9:00 am ~ 6:00 pm

* Winter (Nov ~ Feb): 9:00 am ~ 5:00 pm

※ Closed: New Year's Day (Jan 1st and lunar), Chuseok Day, Every Monday

♣ Contact: Park, Su Geum Art Center, Jeongrim-ri Yanggu-eup Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do

☎ 033-480-2655


Admissions Fees

* Adults: Individuals (KR \1,000), Groups (KR \700)

* Students & Military Officers: Individuals (KR \700), Groups (KR \500)

* Elementary School Students: Individual (KR \500), Groups (KR \300)

* Senior (65+) & Kids (7 and under): Individual (free), Groups (free)


Safety Suggestions

* Photographing and videorecording and using mobile phones are prohibited in the exhibition rooms.

* The admissions ticket is only valid on the day of payment.

* Lighting was partially adjusted for the preservation of artworks.

* Please contact us in advance for group visits.



* 1997. 02. 10   Painter Park, Su Geun Commemoration Project was established

* 1998. 01. 20   The Project was selected the project of Gangwon's Spirit

* 2000. 02. 28   Painter Park, Su Geun Symposium was help

* 2000. 04. 14   Park, Su Geun Project Promotion Committee was organized

* 2000. 11. 13 ~ 2001. 01. 12   Yanggu Provincial Park, Su Geun Art Center design plan was publicly subscribed

* 2001. 10. 26   Yanggu Provincial Park, Su Geun Art Center construction was started

* 2002. 04. 10   Park, Su Geun was selected the 'Cultural Character of the Month' in 2002 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

* 2002. 10. 25 Yanggu Provincial Park, Su Geun Art Center was opened

* 2002. 10. 25 ~ 2003. 02. 28   Opening ceremony [Live and Arts of Park, Su Geun] was held


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