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Donghak Agricultural Revolution Memorial Hall


Donghak Agricultural Revolution Memorial Hall

Although “Kabo Donghak Agricultural Revolution” that had started from an uprising of the peasants in Gobu in January of 1894 failed with thousands of victims, it is considered as an uprising that had shaped the modern history of Korea.  The revolution was also the biggest resistance of the mass in Korean history that had tried to abolish the feudal system and to fight against the foreign invasion.

The Exhibition Hall was built as Korean traditional thatched cottage.  There are offices, supply office, 1st floor exhibition room, 2nd floor exhibition room and planned exhibition hall.  It is used to heighten the spirit and understanding of Donghak Agricultural Revolution.


Baek Jeong Gi Memorial Hall


Baek Jeong Gi, the righteous, devoted his life to resist against Japanese Invasion, recover our own sovereignty where freedom and equality is guaranteed, and to build a peaceful and harmonized world.  He fought against the Japanese with the only wish of saving his country from Japanese.

We have built the Memorial Hall and shrine to pay a tribute to Independence Movement Leader Baek for his sacrifice to save our country and for the spirit that he has shown us.  

Plans to construct a Memorial Hall of Baek Jeong Gi started in 1996, which is 62 years after his death in 1934 at age 39, and the hall opened on 5 June 2004.

The Memorial Hall is located at 928 Eunseon-ri, Yeongwon-myeon, Jeongeup-si, Jeonbuk.  Plans to construct a Memorial Hall of Baek Jeong Gi began in 1996, which is 62 years after his death in 1934 at age 39, and the hall opened on 5 June 2004, which was the 70th Anniversary of his death.  There are many different halls and exhibition rooms such as Euiyeol Temple where Leader Baek’s portrait scroll is enshrined in, Gupa Memoiral Hall where Leader Baek’s articles and his work is explained and exhibited, Cheongyidang Hall where you can learn history, Euiyulmun which was built to praise Leader Paek for sacrificing his life to save the country from Japanese rule, and Sungyimun which was built to commend his divine and noble patriotic spirit.  Also, statue shaped as Leader Baek, and Eorok Inscription, Sunkuk Inscription, Chumo Inscription, which inscribes the conspiracy in slaughtering the Japanese Invader and the Ariyoshi family.  Also, the Memorial Hall offers wide parking space, and open areas where tourists can take a rest.


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