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Geochang Museum
 Geochang Museum
Location : 216-5, Kimcheon-Ri, Geochang-Eup,
                  Geochang County, Gyeongsangnam-do
Foundation Date : Opened as Geochang Material
                              Museum in May 20,1988
Opening time : 9 AM∼5 PM
Closing Date : January 1 ~ 2, the day after holiday,
Question/Information: +83-55-940-3060

Geochang Museum built as 2 floor traditional Korean-style house structure where people can see the history of Geochang at a glance is located in 216-5, Kimcheon-ri, Geochang-eup
The Museum is constructed on the site of 2,600 pyeong and composed of 1st and 2nd floor of 250 pyeong, separate hall and exhibition space of 120 pyeong and exterior exhibition space. The history of the museum is that Nam-Sik Choi who is representative of Gyelim Farm and Tea-Sun Kim who is president of Jechang Hospital presented their precious historical collections that they gathered over their whole lives and opened as Geochang Material Museum on May 20, 1988.
The museum contains 1,000 historical artifacts. Significant articles include Dea Dong Yeo Ji Do (tangible cultural asset No.275), Song Lim Sa Ji Seok Jo Yeo Lea Joa Sang (tangible cultural asset No.311), Official Uniform of On Jeong (Important folk material No.218) and Sil Gi Cheak Pan of Bo-Hum Lee (tangible cultural asset No.248).
Most materials including Dun Ma Li Go Bun Byeok Hwa that Geochang Museum contains are excavated in Geochang so they reflect local character strongly. The museum is positioned as important cultural space for understanding local culture.

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