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National Kongju Museum
 National Kongju Museum
The Natinal Gongju Museum originated in Gongju Historic Spot Preservation Association founded in 1935, while Gongju Historic Hyeonchang Association was organized in 1940, where Chungcheong-do government office Seonhwadang was transferred and relics of Gongju area were exhibited, and it was reorganized into a Gongju branch of the National Museum in 1946.
As Muryeongwangreung was excavated in 1971, it was rebuilt into the current size of building in1972 to contain the newly unearthed articles and promoted to the National Gongju Museum attaining the current status.

This museum largely holds relics belonging to the era when Baekje had Gongju as its capital city, especially ones excavated from Muryeongwangreung. It has 2 exhibition halls, and in the first hall you can see articles excavated from Muryeongwangreung and the inside of the same size of model tomb as its actual size. In the second hall you can see relics excavated from the whole area of Chungcheongnam-do, which were displayed in the order of ages. 
Currently 108 kinds and 2,906 pieces of relics excavated from Muryeongwangreung and about 500 pieces from Gongju area are displayed in the museum. Among them there are about 1,000 pieces of valuable relics including 14 items and 19 pieces of National Treasures and 4 items and 4 pieces of Treasures. And at outdoor exhibition yard you can see diverse kinds of relics such as stone-built Daetongsaji, stone tower and stone Buddhist images.
There stand about 30 cherry trees measuring more than the stretch of yours arms and 3 gold pine trees more than 80 years old in the garden. These gold pine trees are the same kinds of trees as ones used for the material of the wooden coffins for Muryeongwang and his queen.

- Admission Hours
March to October : 9 A.M. ~ 6 P.M. (On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays 1 Hour Extended)
November to February : 9 A.M. ~ 5 P.M.
  ※ Ticket Sales Available until 1 Hour before End of Viewing

- No Work Days
Every Monday, The First Day of Every Year

- Admission Fee
300 Won for Adults, 150 Won for Groups (Discount), Free for under Age 18 and over Age 65

- Location
284-1, Jung-dong, Gongju-si, Chungcheongnam-do

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