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Gyeon An’s Memorial Hall

Location: Hwacheon-ri, Jigok, Seosan (660-2536)

Opening: 1991. 12. 2

Gyeon An of Seosan (Pen name: Hyeondongja), the master of Korean painting who established the landscape paintings in early Chosun Dynasty, is recognized as one of Korea’s Three Best Artists along with Geo Sol of Shinra and Nyeong Lee of Koryo.

The leading existing piece of his was Dreamed Utopia that he completed in three days with the request of Prince Anpyeong based on the styles of Heui-Pa Gwak who had influenced the paintings of early Chosun Dynasty.  As Seosan’s Local Documents written in 11th year of the reign of Chosun King Gwanghae revealed that Gyeon An was born in Jigok, Seosan, many people became interested in the roots of Seosan’s cultures.  Therefore, Seosan invested 47million Won to erect a life-size memorial monument of Dreamed Utopia at Jigok, the hometown of Gyeon An.  Then, they established a memorial hall in Oct 1991 to admire the nature-loving philosophy of Gyeon An of Seosan, the master of Korean painting who established the landscape paintings in early Chosun Dynasty, to enlighten the future artists and to purify the emotions of Koreans.

This memorial hall was made in Korean/Western combination style building on 0.3acre-wide land in Hwacheon-ri, Jigok-myeon with 220million Won.  There exhibited the imitations of 18 pieces of Gyeon An’s pieces, such as Red Wall, Eight Great Views of Sosang and Eight Great Views of Sasi, that are displayed in National Museum of Korea.

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