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Chocolate Museum

 Chocolate Museum  


Though this museum is located in the Agriculture and Industry complex, is not grand and splendid, but it is a special chocolate museum, small size, well harmonized with Jeju’slandscape.

This museum on the broad space, 1500 pyeong, was built by Songiseok that was formed from lava found Jeju only, gives the exotic feeling of an old European style foreign castle, coziness and romantic lyricism to visitor at the same time

This museum gives visitors the chance to learn the history of chocolate that has been pacing with human being’s history and exhibits all kinds of chocolates from worldwide, and is “Real Chocolate Place” to teach what is the best products.


Oseolrok Museum

Green tea, the most favorite comfort food, with the longest history lasting 5,000 years

Jeju has the best condition to cultivate green tea and is a historical place regarding tea. Specially, Chusa had cultivated green tea and was absorbed deeply in it through the exchange with many lovers of green tea including Choeuseonsa and left many works regarding it while he had stayed here. Oseolrok was built in the entrance of Seolrok tea Seokwang tea room in Jeju, and is both a cultural space harmonized with tradition and contemporary and a nature and environment friendly resting place, and allows understanding the culture of tea.

Other facilities: Tea room (Available to purchase Green tea, ice-cream, Green tea cookie, Green tea chocolate, Oseolrok with the limited sales, Seomrachun. Green tea arrowroot, Tea pack)


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