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Jincheon Bell Museum



Jincheon Bell Museum Introduction

Jincheon Bell Museum was opened in September 2009, in order to publicize the artistic value and excellence of bells of Korea acknowledged worldwide, through Korean bell researches, collection, exhibition, preservation, not to mention project exhibitions, education and various activities.


Also it is significant that it has been established in Jincheon, which possesses the foremost ancient iron producing site in Korea – Jincheon Seok-jang-Ri.


Considering the discovery of an actual ancient iron mill site assumed to be from 4 A.D., Jincheon Seok-jang-Ri implies that the production of metal craftwork was also possible.


Also, in the nearby Cheongju Wuncheon-Dong, a temple bell from the late unified Shilla period was excavated, and the Yong-du-sa-ji Cheol-dang-gan from Goryo period also remains.


The establishment of a bell museum in tribute to the culture of temple bells that reach the zenith of metal art in nowhere else but Jincheon, which owned the largest iron mill out of all ancient relics, must be an inevitability of history.



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