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Juwangsan National Park

Juwang Mountains, known as the best marker of Gyeongbuk, is so picture-perfect with the beautiful flow and waterfalls of Jubang Stream, rare-looking rocks and rocky summits spreading as screens and luxuriant pine forest that it can be called a piece of artwork. Juwang Mountains (720.6m) is located in the ranges of Taebaek Mountain Ranges that form the backbone of Korea and borders Cheongsong and Yeongdeok of Gyeongbuk. It was appointed a national park on May 30. 1976 with the total area of 105.582㎢. Taehaeng Mountains (933.1m) and Daedun Mountains (905m) rises to the northwest and high peaks such as Dusuram (927.2m) form the middle core. The mountains lac k grandeur scenery, but as it includes magnificent mountainous scenery, Daejeon Temple, rare-looking rocks, Baekryeon Rock, Gwangam Temple, Son’s Rock, Juwang Fortress, Nahan Summit, Gwanjin Summit, Juwang Rock, Juwang Cavern, Mujang Cavern, Palace Place, Yeonghwa Cave, Sinseon Stand, Siru Summit, Seokbyeong Rock, Hakso Stand, Pasu Stand, 1st Waterfalls, 2nd Waterfalls and 3rd Waterfalls, it is often called Salt Mountains and Rivers or 2nd Geumgang Mountains.

Major cultural assets include Daejeon Temple established about 1,300 years ago in 672 (12th year of the reign of Shinra King Munmu) and Baekryeon Rock that is named after Princess Baekryeon, the daughter of King Ju. The ecology of Juwang Mountains include Mongolian oak and pine forest that brighten the beautiful sceneries along with the rare plants, such as supplejack, Iris odaesanensis and Sedum rotundifolim, that are memorable to the visitors.

Juwangsan National Park is well-known for Jubang Valley course that is concentrated by major natural environments and many visitors come to achieve the course passing Game Summit, Juwang Mountains and Janggun Summit and to cross Woloi Valley and Jeolgol Valley.

4-seasons of Juwang Mountains

Mysterious Scenery of Juwang Mountains

Juwang Mountains Panorama Views (PVR)


(Address: Sangui-ri, Budong-myeon, Cheongsong-gun, Gyeongsangbuk Province)
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