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Seonyu Valley








Location: Samsong-ri Cheongcheon-myeon Goisan-gun, Chungbuk 

Homepage: Goisan-gun Office (

Tel. No.: 043-832-4347

Overview: This valley is located about 1-2km northeast of Song-myeon of Goisan-gun.  In the Joseon Dynasty, Hwang Yi visited the Yi Family of Hampyeong at 7 Songjeong (todays Songjeong Town in Song-myeon-ri) and was enticed by its beautiful landscapes.  He spent nine months to name the nine curves of the valley.  He even engraved the names on the rocks.  Although the engravings have worn away, the beautiful landscapes still remain today.  

The nine curves are Seonyudongmun (where wizards used to come down to enjoy themselves, Gyeongcheonbyeok), Haksoam, Yeondanro, Waryongpok, Nangadae, Gigugam, Guam, and Eunseonam.

Admission Fees: Free

Directions: Gyeongbu Highway Cheongju IC, Jungbu Highway Seocheonju IC (1 hour 30 minutes)

           Jungbu Highway Jeungpyeong IC National Highway No. 592 to Cheongan Dowongyo Bridge Hwayang-1 Bridge Chungbuk Natural Learning Center 3-way Junction Song-myeon 3-way Junction (left turn) Seonyu-dong Parking


Public Transportation: * 1 hour 30 minutes from Seoul to Cheongju

           * Express bus from Cheongju to Goisan / 1 hour

                      * Express bus from Cheongju to Songmyeon / 1 hour 20 minutes

Local Transportation: Local Transit from Goisan to Cheongcheon / 14 departures a day (06:40~19:20) / 30 minutes
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