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Mt. Yongmun and Gingko Tree

Mt. Yongmun and Gingko Tree

Mt. Yongmun has countless rocky peaks that exhibit magnificent views every season.  It is the third highest mountain in Gyeonggi-do after Mt. Hwaak and Mt. Myeongju.  With magnificent terrains and deep valleys, Mt. Yongmun has been the symbol of Yangpyeong-gun for a long time.

Designated as a tourist attraction along with the 1,000-year-old Yongmunsa Temple, Mt. Yongmun brings many tourists and mountain-lovers even on weekdays.  There is also an amusement facility designed to suit families with children. 

Mt. Yongmuns Gingko Tree is the tallest and oldest of all the existing gingko trees in Korea.  It is standing in front of Yongmunsa Temples main building.

This gingko tree is assumed to be about 1,100-1,500 years old.  It is about 62m in height and 14m in girth, being the largest gingko tree in Asia.

According to the legend, King Gyeongsun, the last king of Shilla Empire, planted this tree when he visited his master, Great Priest Daegyeong.  Some people also say that King Gyeongsuns son, Prince Maui, planted it when he lost his land and escaped to Mt. Geumgang.  Still others say that Great Priest Euisangs cane laid roots on the ground and grew up to become todays gingko tree.
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Mt. Yongmun and Gingko Tree
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