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Mt. Gaein

Mt. Gaein
○Location: Nae-myeon Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon-do
○Contact: Hongcheon-gun Office Economy/Tourism Department 033-430-2546(Inje-gun) Sangnam-myeon Office ☎ 033-461-6778



Taebaek Mountain Range connecting from Mt. Seorak to Mt. Odae stretches to the west at Galjeongok Peak and forms Mt. Gaein.  Mt. Gaein is connected horizontally to many big mountains, such as Mt. Eungbok, Mt. Yaksu, Galjeongok Peak, Gachil Peak, Guryongdeok Peak, and Mt. Bangtae.  Although it is not widely known, Mt. Gaein is connected to many high peaks that are over 1,000m in altitude as well as to Naerincheon Stream, creating magnificently splendid sceneries.  Mt. Gaein is located in between Inje-gun and Hongcheon-gun of Gangwon-do and its peaks, including the highest Jueok Peak (1,444m), Gitdae Peak to the west (1,435m), Guryongdeok Peak to the east (1,388m), and Sutdol Peak (1,320m), form a funnel with a large valley called Gaeindong in the center.
Gaein Spring is located about 800m up the slope and is popularly known as Sambong Spring Water and Bangdong Spring Water.  Its water flows into Bangdaecheon Stream to the north of Mt. Gaein and Naeincheon Stream that meets Bangdaecheon to the southwest of Mt. Gaein and eventually forms Soyang River, Bukhan River, and Han River,
Located in the isolated region in Gangwon-do, Mt. Gaein is known to preserve virgin forests with native animals and plants.  The valley to the east of Guryongdeok Peak has Lenok, a very rare species of fish, and various wild flowers, such as Hanabusaya asiatica, Disporum ovale, dicentra, and Cypripedium macranthum.
Mt. Gaein is not as magnificent or recognized as Mt. Jiri or Mt. Geumgang, but it is a very Korean mountain.
*Public Transportation: Take a bus to Hyeonri at Sangbong Terminal in Seoul and get off at Sangnam (leaves every hour) → Transfer to a but to Misan-ri (leaves twice a day)
*By Car: Yeongdong Highway → Soksa IC → National Highway No. 31 → Sangnam → Provincial Highway No. 446 → Misan-ri → Gaein Spring

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