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Seorisan Mountain


[Seorisan Mountain]

   Introduction about Seorisan Mountain  

Shaped like a castle wall, Seorisan Mountain in connected to Chukryeongsan Mountain (879m). It is also called Sangsan Mountain in Chinese and is located on the boundary of Sudong-myeon, Namyangju-gun of Gyeonggi-do and Sang-myeong of Gapyeong-gun. This mountain is in harmony with the snug valley, the eulalia ridgeline, and a complex of big cone pines is still popular among mountain climbers even though many parts of its climbing paths are damaged.    

To climb Seorisan Mountain, the popular course is to start from Jeonjiragol, at the base of the mountain, and climb Chukryeongsan Mountain. Pass the saddle of the ridgeline linked to Chukryeongsan Mountain and climb up to the summit, and when you climb down, pass through Hwachaereung" and "Jilmaejae" and then follow Small Janggumeggi." Rather than going back to the starting point from the summit, it is better to use the course either following the northwest ridgeline and then going down to Jeonjiragol while following the south valley at Jilmaejae or following the southeast ridgeline and then going to Naebang-ri.


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