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Jugeumsan Mountain

[Jugeumsan Mountain]

   Introduction about Jugeumsan Mountain

The altitude is 813 meters. It is called Bidansan Mountain (Silk mountain) in Naechon-myeon of Pocheon-si since its features are beautiful. The mountain stands on the main ridgeline of Gwangjusanmaek Mountains that are connected to Unaksan Mountain and Cheonmasan Mountain, its southeast line is continued to Seorisan Mountain and Chukryeongsan Mountain, and Bears Ski Town is located at the northwest foot of the mountain. Bigeumgyegok Valley at the upper stream of Sudongcheon Creek well preserves the nature. There are two mountain climbing paths, one starting from Naechon and the other starting from Bigeumgyegok Valley.

From Naechon, you start at Pyeongsagyo Bridge, at the entrance of Sagimak. Pass the mountain stream at Hapsugok Valley and pass a steep rocky path and a waterfall as you follow the valley. Climb up the hill on the left ridgeline path and then climb up to the summit following the south ridgeline after you pass a eulalia field. To climb-down, follow the west of Amneun from the summit (Samgakjeom), pass Sinseondang to the south of Ambong, and then go down to Neungol or follow the southeast ridgeline to Bigeum-ri.

If you want to climb the mountain from Bigeumgyegok Valley, start at the Bigeumgyegok parking lot. Follow the southeast ridgeline, pass Bawibong Peak, and climb up the summit. To climb down, follow the south ridgeline after passing Bawibong Peak and go back to the parking lot from Sirubong Peak. Another route for climbing down is to pass Anburo Fall from the summit and then to climb down to Pyeongsagyo of Sagimak.

For directions, follow Gyeongchun National Road (No. 46) from Guri-si, take Local Road 362 at Hwado-eup, and then go to Bigeumgyegok Parking Lot after passing Oebang-ri and Naebang-ri heading to Sudong-myeon. Or at Gyomunsageori of Guri-si, pass Toegyewon, take National Road 47, and go to Pyeongsagyo of Naechon heading to Ildong.


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