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Janggunbong(950m) is a guardian mountain located in Gajo basin of Gajo-myeon Sabyeong-ri.
The old title is Mt. Tang, which means beautiful rocks.

Underneath the mountain, there is Sodo of Samhan Period.
In Dangdong Village, there is a house and a well where god named Dansanhutosin is enshrined. There are traces of primitive religion, such as Ugakhyeongmunja, Sineo Rock, and Amsu Rock. Some of them are important properties of folklore study, including temple land, Seondol, ritual rocks and etc.

Also, there are literature districts such as Yongcheonjeongsa, Woncheonjeong, Dacheonseodang, Byeongamseowon, which are origin of enlightenment.

Yangsimdae is established by Oh Byeong-hyun, Oh Byeong-kwon brothers, and now ritual called Dangsanjae is held to pray for peace and prosperity of the village every year.
In Janggunjae, there is Janngunsaem(a fountain) and trace of fortress are still present at the ridge towards Baribong.



Uisangbong(1,046m) is one of nine peaks of Mt. Udu, located in Gajo-myeon Suwol-ri. Mt. Udu is the legendary mountain related with Japanese Myth. The name Uisangbong is from the story that in time of King Munmu of Silla Period, Uisangdaesa (name of the great priest) has practiced Zen meditation in this mountain. It has wonderful scenary.

It used to be called as Mt. Udu, Mt. Gyeonam, and Mt. Sogum. On the way to the peak of Uisangbong, there are interesting places such as Gogyeoncheon, Gyeonnamjeong, Gamaso (Warrior of Goryeo Period has earned great horse here), and Gajeonggok (Wagon of Sillas King Aejang used to stop by). Also, there is Gajongsan Waterfall and the fallen water forms Nakhwaam, well known for where famous ancient woman Yangssi died for her integrity.

As you walk along the water passing through deep forest, there lies famous Gogyeonsa Temple.

You get to taste both the history and a great sceneries. Underneath the Udobong, it is the spot where Gajochon River starts.




When you look towards southeast from Salpi Hill, on the way to Gajo-myeon from Geochang-eup, you get to see a peak called Minyeobong. It is called Minyeobong or Cheonyeobong because the shape of the peak looks like a beautiful woman lay down.

It seems like a longhair woman is lying down with her hands on her chest.

You can clearly visualize her eye, nose, mouth, and neck and her round stomach forms long mountain range facing the blue sky.

When you take a closer look at the peak, in face of Chenyeobong, there are very stiff cliffs and no man ever landed here. Look of this woman provoked peoples curiosity and there still are myths relating to this story.
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