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Mt. Galgi and Mt. Cheontae

Introducing Mt. Galgi


Mt. Galgi that rises up to 585m above sea level is named so because it resembles a horse’s mane in appearance.  It is a rocky mountain that has picturesque natural landscapes and harmonizes with Geum River that meanders around it to display a rarely beautiful scene.


Introducing Mt. Cheontae

Mt. Cheontae that rises up to 714.7m above sea level is beautified with magnificent natural landscapes, well-organized hiking courses, and various cultural attractions.  Therefore, it is loved by many mountain lovers and families who enjoy mountain hiking.

The first of the eight beautiful scenes of Yangsan is Yeongguk Temple of Mt. Cheontae that delivers many wondrous cultural relics.  

Yeongguk Temple was established by Great Priest Wongak in the 8th year of the Shilla King Munmu and is near Oksae Peak and Yukjogol, to which King Hyoso led his servants and people to hide from the enemies.  National Priest Daegak called it Gukcheong Temple during the reign of Goryo King Munjong, but it was later renamed Yeongguk Temple as King Gongmin defeated the riot of Hong, Geon-Jeok after praying for peace and prosperity at this temple.


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Mt. Galgi and Mt. Cheontae
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