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Mt. Gari


Mt.  Gari

 Mt. Gari at 1,051m above sea level is the place that the sceneries of wide open visual field and outspread Lake Soyang under the feet from the summit capture the climbers' feet. A small spring water spouting from walls of rocks under the southern summit of 1st peak flowing to Hongcheongang(riv.) covering 400 ri is a peculiar source of pride of Mt. Gari to add sense of refreshing to climbers who is tired in thirst.

The sound of small waterfalls located under the mountain screens mind of people, from which climbing is started along valleys and ridgelines. As well, the accidents that the residents in Saemjae Village facing the summit of Mt.  Gari won the 1st and 2nd lotto lottery as the highest amount within several weeks happened, so it gets popular as a superfine spot. This area is formed as recreational forest area by Hongcheon-gun, and Mt. Gari recreational forest was opened by Hongcheon-gun in July, 95, which is highlighted as a family recreation place using log cabins, camping site and sports facilities.  


* Cheonhyeon-ri, Duchon-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon


Walking path of Mt. Gari

* Recreational forest parking lot (350m marked)-Hapsugok -Gasap hill -2nd peak-1st peak (summit)-spring-South ridgeline - Musoemaljae -Hapsugok-Parking lot (7.2km3:30)


Access to the mountain

* Bus : Soul→Hongcheon→ Yeoknae-ri of Duchon-myeon (2h 40m taken)→Mt. Gari recreational forest

* Passenger's Car : Hongcheon→Cheoljeong checkpoint → Yeoknae-ri (national road No. 44)→ Mt. Gari recreational forest

* Boat : Soyang Dam →Mulnori →Mt. Gari (2times a day)


Inquires of climbing

Mt. Gari Control Office 033-435-6034

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