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Mt. Palbong


Mt. Palbong

As one of Korea 100 famous mountains, this is a low mountain at 327.4m above sea level, which consist of 8 peaks, so it is called Palbong, according to Hongcheon-hyeon section of << Sinjeungdonggukyeojiseungram >>, it is recorded that its another name is Gimmulak and it is located at 60 ri away to the west of the hyeon. It is a place where a lot of climbers in spring and fall and holiday makers in summer visit, which is a place to have magnificent view like paintings, the mysterious sceneries of 8 peaks and curious rocks are well matched with white beach of clean and pure Hongcheongang(riv.) flowing winding mountainside round. The mountain is low that it is suitable for a family unit climbing and it is good for camping because there is white beach, and tourists can fish fresh-water fish such as catfish, mandarin fish etc. and there is a futsal soccer field in the complex so group tourists can hold sports events.



* Palbong-ri, Seo-myeon, Hongcheon-gun, Gangwon


Walking path of Mt.  Palbong

* Parking lot →Palbong Brdg. →1st peak→ summit (2nd peak)→3rd peak →Cave Haesan →4th peak→5,6,7th peak→8th peak→ Palbong Brdg. → parking lot (4km, 3h taken)

* Parking lot → Palbong Brdg. →medicinal water well→ summit (2nd peak)→3rd peak → Cave Haesan →Homtong rock →4th peak→5,6,7th peak→8th peak→ Palbong Brdg. → parking lot (3.5km, 2h 20m)

* The 8th peak is dangerous for beginners so they are good to go down between the 7th peak and 8th peak.


Access to Mt. Palbong,

* Bus : Seoul→Hongcheon→Bangok-ri, entrance of Mt. Palbong (2h 50m taken)

(4 times a day from Hongcheon: Bus Time Information 433-0015)

* Passenger's car : Hongcheon-eup →Left turn at Busawon checkpoint →Guman-ri →Mt. Palbong (40m)

Hongcheon-eup →Deokwon-ri of Yangdeokwon-ri of Nam-myeon→Local road No.494 →Baekyangchi Hill → Daemyeong Vivaldi Park →Mt. Palbong


Opening Time

* Walking path open all around 4 seasons (only, entering mountain in snow season is controlled for the safety concerns.)

Inquiries of Climbing

* Mt. Palbong Control office


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