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Origin: The origin of the word ‘nokko’ is unknown.  Suwol Peak in Gosan-ri, Hangyeong-myeon, has a legend of a brother and sister named Suwol and Nokko, however, the correspondence with the name of the volcano seems like a coincidence.  It is also called ‘Keunoreum’ compared to a smaller parasite volcano (Jogeunnokkome) nearby, ‘Nokgoak’, because deer lived inside this volcano, and ‘Nokguak’, comparing the state of deer and dogs based on the Chinese geomantic principles.

Introduction: The size of Keunnokkomeoreum makes it the parasite volcano representing Aewol-eup.  It is also called Hyeongjeoreum along with the smaller parasite volcano (Jogeunnokkome) nearby.  These two volcanoes harmonize well with each other creating a beautiful view and it sometimes looks like a single volcano.  The mood throughout the hiking course starting from the entrance to the peak is more artistic than any other volcano.  The entering course is just like a flat field, but the sloping road inside the forest is very steep.  After arriving at the highest peak, the clear spectacle of western Jeju region can be viewed.

Two peaks of south and north are relatively in smooth ridge line, and normally eulalia is growing in these regions.  The peak in the north is the highest, and on the top, grandeur of the plains is presented with the view starting from Jogeunnokkome up to Mt. Halla.  It is impossible to enter the horseshoe-shaped volcanic crater of northwest region due to the thick forest.

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