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So called Underground Geumgang Mountain., it grows 0.4 mm a year and has a two hundred fifty million year history. As a lime cave, the length of the cave reaches 472m and it has 12 small and big squares and 5 ponds. From the entrance, you can see wonderful mysteries inherited from ancient time.
For Information Call
-Culture and tour department of Uljin County Office : ☎ 82-54-785-6393  FAX 82-54-785-6399
-Uljin Seongnyugul Management Office : ☎ 82-54-782-4006  FAX 82-54-782-4006

Authorization Natural Memorial No. 155
Remains Cave
Location Mt. 30 Gusan-Ri, Geunnam-Myeon, Uljin County, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Details the length of the cave reaches 472m. Inner temperature is 14.7℃. Water temperature is 13.9℃. Humidity is 91%. Acidity is PH7.5. Under development of Seongnyugul in 1960, a stone sword was found there and it was made of clay-slate stone. This tells us that the cave is used in Lee dynasty as well as in prehistoric age.

Operation Period Admission Fee
11/1 ~ 03/31  =>  08 : 00  ~  17 : 00
04/1 ~ 10/31  =>  08 : 00  ~  18 : 00
Adult: \2,200 (Group: \1,900 )
Child: \1,100 (Group:  \ 880 )
◎ Parking Lot: North parking lot accommodates 275 cars, South parking lot accommodates 125 cars
◎ Public Rest Rooms: 3
◎ Grass Square: 8184 m2
◎ Public Playground: 7590 m2 → Used for summer camp
◎ Stores and Lodging Facilities: Restaurants(9) Stores(24) Inn(4) Motel(1)

The original name of this cave was Seonyugul which means the beautiful place where hermits play. Seongnyugul got its name during the Japanese invasion of Korea in 1592. When the Japanese military invaded Korea, monks in the temples near the cave moved their statues of Buddha into the cave to protect them from destruction by the Japanese army. From that time, this cave has been called "Seongnyugul" which means "statues of Buddha are in this cave." This cave is in a line figure and has a lot of squares named Yeonmudongsucksil, Eunhacheon, Ojackyo, Yongshinji, Seonnyeokyo, etc. Each square shows a mystery. But, the cave has a tragic history. During the invasion in 1592, a lot of people hid in this cave, but the Japanese army found the people using it as their shelter. So, Japanese army blocked the entrance to the cave and the people starved to death inside. After the war ended, a lot of human bones were found inside the cave.

☞ Seongnyugul Culture Views
Seongnyugul in Seongnyu Mountain (199m above the sea level) has 12 small and big squares and 5 ponds. As a limestone cave, the cave has 472 m length, 40 m height and 30 m depth in some spots. In the cave, 500 thousand stalactites, stalamite and columns are seen. And it is called Geumgang under the ground. Its age is supposed to be about 250 million years and the Thuja orientalis living on the rock wall is a thousand years old. So, the tree and the cave were designated as natural memorial No 155 together. The temperature inside the cave remains at constant temperature regardless of the change of the seasons.
The ponds in the cave are connected with Wangpicheon and fish live in the ponds. In addition, 31 kinds of wild animals such as bats and insects inhabit in it. The cave is rectangular and horizontal. The temperature is around 15℃. That is why it is cool in summer and warm in winter. Many resorts are located near this cave and a tourist can enjoy sightseeing, swimming and forest bathing at the same time.
-Seoul ⇒ Gangneung, Samchuk ⇒ Uljin(335km)
-Seoul ⇒ Jechun, Yeongju ⇒ Uljin(310km)
-Seoul ⇒ Chungju,Andong ⇒ Uljin(410km)
-Seoul ⇒ Daegu, Gyeongju ⇒ Uljin(530km)
-Uljin ⇒ Seongnyugul (6km) : Using local bus or taxi.
--(Local bus 5 a day, 10 minutes distance by taxi)

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