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Famous Mountain in Chubu - Daedun Mt.
 Famous Mountain in Chubu - Daedun Mt.
1. the name of  tourist resort : Daedun Mt.
2. location : Chungnam Keumsan Koon Jinsan Myen, Nonsan City Beolkok Myen, Jeonbook Wonju Koon
3. contents : famous Dadun Mt. repeated tourists.

It is appointed  provincial park in May1985 and is composed by Odae Mt(569m), Wolsungbong(649m), Birang Mt.(555m), Gatstone at valley in Taego temple, Goggalstone and Nymph fall. Every peak is fantastic rocks and Daedun Mt which has oddly shaped stone is located north side of Noryeng mountain range. Its above sea level is 878m and it covers 3 provinces Chungnam Keumsan, Nonsan city and Jeonbook Wanjoo Koon. It is one of 8  superb views in Korea and Sokenm river is praised by poets from long time ago with Joo peak, Cheonma peak and Geosung peak..
It is with low and high famous mountains and its west side is wide Honam plain and Koonsan. People can enjoy the west sea on the Dadun Mt.

It has best natural beauty in spring azalea and  rhododendron with green waves, in autumn ablaze with autumn tints in summer Young peak and Jangpork which appear and hide in the cloud and mist.  Especially sunset and sunrise on the Daedun Mt is fantastic. 80m, overpasswhich is in Wonjoo Koon has Yukgakjung and Samseon mineral water which help remove tiredness during climbing. Taego temple, Ichieaecheob area , general mineral water place and hangjeong dam is near.

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Famous Mountain in Chubu - Daedun Mt.
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