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National Park Gyeryongsan
 National Park Gyeryongsan
Gyeryongsan, designated as a national park December 31, 1968, is the most beautiful mountain in Chungcheongnam-do, which runs from Daejeon Metropolitan City to Gongju-si to Nonsan-si. Gyeryongsan lies between Charyeong Mountains and Noryeong Mountains. It gained its name for the reason that it assumes the form of dragon wearing cock's crest on his head. It is a good mountain in the theory of division based on topography, a mysterious one deeply related to shamanism.
Gyeryongsan is a noted mountain and beauty spot, which holds about 15 peaks such as Sambulbong, Yeoncheonbong and Gwaneumbong, rocks of fantastic shape, Yongmun Waterfall to the west, Eunseon Waterfall to the east, and Amyongchu and Sutyongchu to the south as well as the main peak Cheonhwangbong (845.1M).
It is proud of its grand sights of cherry blossoms on both sides of the road leading to Donghaksa in spring, fresh green of Donghaksa valley in summer, beautiful tinted leaves around Gapsa and Yongmun Waterfall in fall, and Sambulbong and snow scene in winter.

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