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Daecheong Summit, Seorak Mountains

Seorak Mountains stretch through Yangyang, Sokcho, Inje and Goseong of Gangwon Province.  Centered by the highest peak of Daecheong Summit (1708m), it is a noted mountain close to Geumgang Mountains that was recently opened to South Koreans in the north and Jeombong Mountains and Odae Mountains to the north.  As its name reveals, it is a mountain of snow and rocks and is the third highest mountain of South Korea following Halla Mountains (1950m) and Jiri Mountains (1915m).  

Seorak Mountains was appointed a natural preservation zone as the 171st Natural Memorial on Nov 5. 1965.  Since then, 174㎢ of land around the peak was appointed the 5th National Park on Mar 24. 1970 and 393㎢ of land including Jeombong Mountains to the south was appointed Korea’s one and only Biological Preservation Zone by Unesco in 1982.  

The highest peak of Daecheong Summit is located between Inje and Yangyang and rises 1,708m above sea level to be higher than 1,638m-high Biro Summit of Geumgang Mountains.  It is most popular as a hiking course and its paronama of rare-looking rocks and the Mother Nature viewed from the peak is definitely the best.

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Daecheong Summit, Seorak Mountains
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