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Barang mountain

Barang mountain introduction

555m high Barang mountain, located at the Daedun mountain range that stretches southwest from No-ryung mountain range, together with Wolseong peak (650m). It is not very well-known shadowed by the fame of Daedun mountain, yet the Wolseong peak - Barang mountain ridge has notably huge rockwalls and rock peaks, and also there are numerous things to see between the ridge that stretches south from Nak-jo-dae of Daedun mountain, such as the splendid canyons and Su-rak Waterfall, etc. At the top, you can see Gye-ryong mountain, Yeoncheon peak, Salgae peak, Cheonhwang peak and Hyangjeok mountain on the north, as well as a chain of peaks along the Geum-nam mountain chain.


Also, because a rock larger than 100m forms a wall in Osan-li direction, so the scenery is majestic and scenic, making it a great course for mountain climbing.

Usually cliffs are composed of rocks and thus the top of them are usually flat and broad rocks, but Barang mountain’s summit is different as it is composed of sand ground instead of rocks. As for the mountain climbing course, you go a little down Barang mountain, across the southern slope of Ggeut peak known as a temple site, down the dale over the hill, and a little bit further over the hill to reach a vast chestnut field at the foot of Barang mountain. If you go down across this chestnut field you reach Sang-li, and if you pass by the mouth of Bup-gye Temple, you will be able to return to the Massacre Site Memorial Monument and complete your mountaineering.

Mountaineerin Wolseong peak and Barang mountain separately would make the time too short and there are no sufficient detours halfway, so most courses connect the two mountain. The course takes 4~5 hours to begin from Yangchon-Myun Joong-li then go past Wui-ryung Tower and the east route, climb Wolseong peak and Barang mountain via Myung-ju Rock (Dragon Rock) and Su-rak-jae, and descend along the southern ridge arriving at Joong-Ri. You can also mountaineer 3 mountains by connecting Daedun mountainWolseong peak in the course.


Barang mountain climbing route guide

Currently 4 courses for various types of tourists which range up to 1 ~ 4 hours, and as a part of ‘Creating a pleasant living space’ project, the climbing routes and walking routes are being arranged.

Composition of the course : Surak-Ri -> Surak-jae -> Wolseong peak -> Barang mountain -> Chaegwang-Ri

※ Total 4 hours 20 minutes course


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