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Mureung Valley

Mureung valley

Mureung valley, sometime called Mureung paradise in which Taoist hermits were strolling, is a valley with a lot of beautiful and wonderful sceneries created by Duta mountain and Cheongok mountain.

Location : 8 Tong, Samwha Dong, Donghae Si

Contact Address : Management office of  Mureung Valley ( 033-534-7306)


Mureung Valley, sometime called paradise in which Taoist hermits are strolling, is a valley with a lot of beautiful and wonderful sceneries consisted of so many fantastic rocks and cliffs created by Duta mountain and Cheongok mountain, and gives visitors the feeing to stay in the paradise existing in the present world. It is beautiful enough to attract many visitors with ancient mysteries and legendaries. It has been delivered that Seung Hue Lee ,Dongangeosa,  wrote <Jewangwungi> during his staying in Yongandang, ex Cheoneunsa, in the era of Gorye dynasty ,and Hyo Won Kim, Governor of Samcheok under king Seonjo in Chosun dynasty, named it Mureung valley that has been called  sometime paradise. it is a sightseeing resort to attract many visitors with so many legends and histories, and gives the feeling to the visitors they reach to the paradise with many fantastic rocks to create a wonderful scenery, and was designated as the first National sightseeing resort in 1977. There is a carving engraved by Sa Eun Yang, Bongrae, one of the 4 greatest calligraphers and more than 10 carvings engraved by Governor of Samcheok and high officers of government respectively.

Fees for camping and parking


Small car

Mid size car

Full size car

Camping fee

5,000 won

7,000 won

9,000 won

Parking fee

2,000 won


5,000 won

o Parking fee for the cars registered in Donghae Si is exempted by 50%

Climbing course  

o Entrance -> Mureungbanseok -> Samwhasa-> Duta castle-> Duta mountain ( 10.2 km, 4 hours) o Entrance -> Mureungbanseok-> Samwhsa->Kwaneumsa->Gojeokdae->Duta Mountain( 24km, 7 hours)
o Entrance-> Haksodae->Ssangpokpo->Youngchupokpo->Bakdalryung-> Cheongok Mountain( 12km, 4 hours) 

Admission fees



Youth, Solider




600 won

1000 won

1500 won



500 won

800 won

1200 won


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