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Duryun Mountains

Located in San 8-1 of Haenam-gun. Duryun Mountains (703m) is the sacred mountain of Haenam and is composed of eight various-heightened continuing summits. The northeast slope is moderate with magnificent views and intermediate hiking course, so 2~3-hour hiking will take you to the peak of Garyeon Summit. The eight continuous summits form lotus-shaped range. Duryun Mountains is composed of eight summits including Garyeon (703m), Duryun (630m), Gogye (638m), Noseung (Neungheo Stand 685m), Dosol (672m), Hyeolmang (379m), Yangro (469m) and Yeonhwa (613m). These eight summits form a round-shape as if a giant is stretching his right hand toward south. Spread the right hand, put the thumb by the index finger and make a concave pond. It is the form of Duryun Mountains. Duryun Mountains is also called Daedun Mountains altered from Daedeum meaning huge mountain. Therefore, Daedun Temple used to be called Handeum Temple. According to History of Daedun Temple, Duryun Temple is takes "Ryun" from Gonryun Moutains of China and "Du" from Baekdu Mountains of Korea. Hiking through Duryun Mountains is making a small leisure trip rather than following many foot steps of high priests. It is good to visit throughout the year. The camellia fills the mountain in early spring and the luxuriant forest and clear water of summer and splendid autumn leaves of the autumn greet the visitors.

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Duryun Mountains
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