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Gwangdeok Mountains

Gwangdeok Mountains priding the mountainous formation as soft and fluent as the warmth of Chungcheong Province is a noted mountain of Charyeong Mountain Ranges. As the hiking course is relatively moderate, it is visited by many hikers. Recently, many metropolitans visit here to hike as a day-course. You can see downtown Cheonan and Asan from the peak and the valleys of Gwangdeok Mountains is filled with clear waters to attract picnicking families in summer.

- Hiking Course
1)Gangdanggol → Yongchu Pond → Cheolma Summit → Forest → Peak (3hours)
2)Gangdanggol → Manin Road → Springs → Peak (2hours)
3)Gangdanggol → Restrooms → Mangyeong Mountains → Peak (5hours)
4)Magok-ri → Jeonggol → Peak (2hours)

- Local Transportation
1) Onyang Hot Springs → Local Transit to Gangdalggol (08:05~19:15), 30minutes
2) Onyang Hot Springs → Local Transit to Magok-ri (Yugu) (06:50~20:50), 40minutes

- Directions
1) Gyeongbu Express Way Cheonan IC → Nambu Ramp → National Highway #21 (20km)→Right turn from Onyang to Gongju→ National Highway #39 (10km)→ Enter Oeam-ri Folk Village (3km) through the ramp in Songak-myeon → Gangdanggol
2) Seohae Express Way Seopyeongtaek IC→Asan Bay Embarkment→National Highway #39 (28km)→Right turn at Chungmu Bridge→Onyang Hot Springs→National Highway #39 (10km)→Toward Songak or Yugu→ Oeam Folk Village → Gangdanggol

- Contact
Asan City Hall Department of Culture and Tourism Division of Tour Planning (041-540-2468)

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