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Alps Ski Resort


Alps Ski Resort is located on the high valley around the Masan Summit of Heulri, Ganseong-eup, Goseong-gun, Gangwon. It is where you can experience European atmosphere in Korea with Alps-style structures. It offers ski resort along with bowling and snow-sledding facilities in winters and golf course and ranges, grass-sledding, survival games and rafting in summers. This four-season total vacation town is a clean and clear natural vacation resort in summers and gives pleasure of skiing in winters.  Also, it has many attractions as Seorak and East Sea are nearby.  

[Ski] The ski slopes of Alps Resort is where it snows the most and for the longest period of time.  Currently, there are eight slopes and five lifting equipments and they are planning to expand with three more slopes, one gondola and two express lifting equipments.  The slope for snow-sledding is separated for safety.  

[Golf] There is a 6-hole public course that is homely and designed to boost the fun of golfing.  You can experience the fun with family or friends amongst the beautiful highland of Jinbu Summit.  

[Hiking Course] The hiking course of Alps Resort is divided into forest and trail routes.  Blow away the stressfulness of urban life with the clean air and forests of Gangwon while walking through the hiking course with family or friends.  

[Alp Resort Info] Alps Resort 82-33-681-5030 Seoul Branch 82-2-574-7560


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