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Mountain Hiking
Even through you are hiking a same mountain through a same course, the difficulty of mountain hiking varies seasonally according to each climate. Therefore, it is important to completely prepare and train yourself and to sep up a detailed plan, so you can understand the relationship of nature and men in terms of strength. In Gyebang Mountains, the ecstatic snow-covered views of winter continue to early March to attract more mountain hikers. Moreover, you only have to climb 488m to reach 1,089m-high peak from Unduryeong, so it is not very difficult to achieve. The ridgelines of Baekdu Mountain Chain can be viewed from the peak of this mountain, so it is considered as the best observation deck in this region. Great panorama is displayed with Seorak and Jeombong Mountains to the north, Odae Mountains, Noin Summit and Daegwanryeong to the east and Taegi Mountains to the west.
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